Monday, February 20, 2006

Bogo commercials suck.

Being the offspring of a Jewish man and a Scottish woman, you've got to expect me to be thrifty. There's no doubt about it, I'm a cheap bastard. That is why I love when Payless Shoe Source has BOGO. A ridiculous acronym for Buy One Get One (1/2) Off. Of course you know that because off all the terrible commercials floating around out there for it. As a disclaimer, I know the shoes there are a bit boxy. I would know. I'm usually a size 8 but take 7-7.5 in Payless shoes, but they do sell some surprisingly cute stuff there. After the loss of my beloved denim Converse, I needed a new pair that matched with everything, so I bought a nice pair of black low-tops and a surprisingly adorable set of blue kitten heels that remind me of a carpet Mozart might have owned. Trust me, they're quite cute! And all for a whopping total of $35. Gotta love it. I didn't mention it, but on Sunday I encountered the best fashion find of my life to date. An Yves St. Laurent waist belt at Value Village for $4!!! It's obviously vintage, and though the leather is a tad worn from the inside, it still looks brand spanking new on the outside.

Anyhow, I'm inclined to believe that there is no shoe more classic shoe than the Converse All Stars. Emos, Punks, Gangstas, Hippies and Hipsters aand any other cliche sterotype you can think of can pull of these shoes. They're comfortable, stylish, match with EVERYTHING, even ball gowns, providing as they're an appropriate colour. Simple yet to the point, that is why everyone in the world deserves to own a pair of Converse. They're simply perfection.

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Danielle said...

ah, I know converse all stars are the au courant overhyped hipster footwear of choice, but I will always love my overhyped, over the hill Doc Martens, no matter how unfashionable they get they will always be the ultimate classic in rebel attitude footwear to me. That makes me feel old. Maybe I should get some converse all stars injected into me.

ps. I loved your formal shot, such a pretty girl in glasses <3 and that dress really suits you, too.

pps. hey, I commented on your blog! where's my money?