Saturday, February 25, 2006

En Vogue

I adore Vogue magazine, but I barely ever buy it due to...well, I'm more of an Ellegirl/Teen Vogue fan myself. I don't want to act and dress like I'm middle aged before I am. Youth is to be cherished. However, I had to buy the March 2006 issue with Natalie Portman and her overpoweringly ugly haircut on the cover because there was a feature on the wedding of Marilyn Manson and Dita Von Teese. Luckily, the article itself didn't let me down. Dita and Marilyn make a neat couple and I just loved reading about the clothes they wore. Contrary to what this picture suggests, Vogue captured her as being a lovely girl. I'm so glaf she's not blonde. I'd die if he were to date a blonde. That hair colour is overhyped California crap. Brunette may be having their fun in the sun, but us raven mavens with jet black hair never get any credit. I love my black hair, it's sexy. But about the house, I'll quote the article "Dita's kitchen is fifties show home pink and black, their living room horror-movie Victoriana...among the quirky curiosities: twenties children's store mannequins and medical study torsos, the pelt of a two headed-lamb, a leather and wood prosthetic leg from the Civil War, Johnny Depp's wig from Blow..." Wow, how awesome is that. The pelt of a two headed lamb? I want one to go with my pink and black kitchen. Screw that, I want the whole house. When I'm famous, I'm moving in with them. Hopefully they don't ask me to join in on any orgies... *shudders* Anyhoo, the photography is amazing, the article is great and this issue is definitely worth it's $5. Any fashionable Manson-ite should buy it. Plus, I never knew he was such a designer whore!


Lukas said...

You didn't know he was a designer whore? Tsk tsk, Iz. Tsk tsk.
...and I'll be moving in there before you even get a chance! =P ...but you can have the pelt of the two headed-lamb. *twitch*

Anonymous said...

dita is a atural blonde

Anonymous said...

natural, sorry