Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Progeny of Zeus

I've heard this crazy rumour. Apparently there's this big event happening down in Torino, Italy called the Olympics. It's supposed to be a big deal, but I personally wouldn't call it important. Honestly, the Olympics must have the shittiest press coverage on the planet, because I know absolutely jack shit about what's happening down there. I know of no famous athletes, medals wons or kickass scandals as of yet, and I have the feeling it has nothing to do with me getting 2 measly t.v. channels. The Olympics are just really that boring. However, even lucky loonies buried in hockey ice rinks is more interesting than the fashion lines put out to "celebrate" the Olympics every year. Bad athletic jackets really aren't my thing and frankly, should not be anyone elses' thing either.I remember the good ol' days, when Roots made those stupid hats that looked like they were made by Davy Crockett's milliner on speed. Like they were supposed to have fur and a racoon tail on there, but he was so high he shaved all of that off, glued the coon hair to his pubes and haphazardly stuck some Canadiana shit on there. It's so ugly I can't even find a picture of it. The fashion masters have graciously erased all traces of that piece from the face of the earth. Thank you Anna Wintour! Ahh well. Tell me when Canada wins the gold for men's hockey. I think I have a kazoo in a closet somewhere. Zeus would be proud.

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Flying said...

hey nice blog! Anyways i just thought i should let a fellow canadian know that Roots lost their contract to dress canadian olympians to HBC. So any new ugly clothing you see, it's all HBC's fault and they aren't even canadian anymore.

Yeah, I'm not a fan of HBC so I'm spreading the word. I don't even watch the olympics either.