Monday, May 29, 2006

Grave Robbing

Yesterday I was corpse, I mean closet exhuming and I came across a couple "treasures". On was a pretty coral coloured shirt that was my dads, but he bought it a size too small, so he gave it to my mom and when it got too tight for me mom, It got passed down to me. It's rather long and baggy but it's so soft, and when I wear it I've got the "classy version of MK" look going on. Another was a plaid vest my mom made for me when I was in to the prep-school punk look back in my early high school days. The vest look is "big" or at least was a little while ago, so I might find myself donning it once again. The vest is also too baggy because the pattern was obviously made for those well-endowed, but if you haven't noticed yet, I do like the slouchy look and wear it quite well. Hooray for red plaid vests and coral shirts! I just have to make sure that I don't wear them together.

P.S. In went to H&M in toronto's Eaton Centre and bought 2 camisoles. One is light pink with bright pink polka dots and the other is grungy gray leopard print. Alas, I am in love!


Danielle said...

Hey Isabel! Do you live in Toronto? I want to have a Toronto Fashion Blogger night soon and I'd love it if you could come... let me know:

Shelby said...

I like H&M...except that when I went, I made the fatal mistake of going during peak hours (Sat morn) and nearly got run over by steely eyed hipsters shoving me to get to their skinny jeans. You can find loads of cute stuff if you don't end up losing the will to live.
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