Friday, August 04, 2006

Bad Fashion In Da House

The worst fashion sighting I have encountered in a long time came, shockingly, right in my own home. As I came down the stairs, walking in my midst was a veritable fashion Frankenstein. It was my poor misguided father, decked out in a misguided outfit involving a hawa'ain-style button down, red swim trunks and camoflauge sandals. We do not live in the O.C.. We live in Canada, where beach attire labels you as a fat man or a frat boy unless actually worn at the beach. I told dad, as calmly as I could that if he were to try and leave the house while wearing that, I would make him change. He did. And that's respect for you.


marY said...

haha, that's great. but you have no idea how good you have it: my dad sometimes takes to walking around shirtless, and let's just say hes not exactly the slimmest or most hairless of the middle aged guy around!

missc said...

yes fathers are stubborn in their non-fashionable ways. mine still wears socks with sandals, no matter how many times i threaten to leave the house. i might just have to do it.

*emma* said...

hahaha i feel your pain. until my dad met his current girlfriend and got all metrosexual/chic, he was partial to the baggy-cords/mustard-stained Vassar tee shirt/mandals look. he considered getting crocs a year ago, but i came this close to bursting into tears.
so he reconsidered.