Sunday, August 13, 2006

Bonanza! But not like the tv show...

The September issue of Teen Vogue is billed as the "biggest issue ever". Well, not only is it big but it's probably the best issue ever published, and I'll give you a rundown of why.

#1. I always thought Juicy Couture was a Hollywood trash label. Their fashion spread with prim old ladies, candy-floss gowns and a heavily-tattooed guy prove me ignorant.

#2. Page 148. Kaitlyn Gilland is pretty.

#3. My horoscope (Capricorn) claims that I'll get creative with my style on September 3rd. I'll be looking forward to that date. I'll be spending it in Paris!

#4. They dedicated a page to street style (wishfully) in remembrance of my dearest ELLEgirl. Let's hope Teen Vogue trades in more of their traditional red-carpet fodder for style with substance.

#5. As seen in the pictures above, they feature lots of quilted bags and sky-high platforms throughout the issue. Hooray!

#6. The Fashion A-Z was pretty darn wicked.
-C for Collaborations boasts pictures of Vivienne Westwood for Nine West items. The line is much more affordable than usual, but $495 for a leather bag is still a little steep for me. Here's to the day when I befriend Vivi and she gives me one for free.
-D is for DIY has Behnaz Sarafpour sewing lace onto jeans. Did it already! Check it out...
-F is for Fashion Blogs!!! Bow down to the blog...We're finally getting recognized!
-K is for Kurt Cobain, as seen in the picture. Unlikely fashion icon, stellar musician. My only question is; why pay big bucks for grunge couture when you can find the same things in thrift bins?
-R is for Reading List. Julia Dunstall reccommends you read The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand. I do too.
-V is for Verailles. In approximately 3 weeks, I will be there.
-Z is for Zines. I half completed one, but I asked for a lot of submissions from my friends that never came through. Plus, I have no money for photocopying. R.I.P. (adventures in) Bitch Club Literati.

#7. Pg 336-9. Lily Cohen is pretty.

#8. The very last page features a pretty, well-dressed girl and blog! It's more pictures than writing, but check it out regardless.

My concluding comment is this. I bought a pair of all-purple converse yesterday. Aside from the canvas, the rubber is purple too except for a strip of rainbow where the strip of black usually is on the sole. Even though I'm not a lesbian, I'm glad to support the cause by wearing awesome gay shoes. Long live pride!


Money Miss said...

I don't suppose any of us were in there?

Isabel said...

Well, we may not be featured but Coutorture is! Such a familiar name is almost like a triumph for all fashion bloggers! Hehe, now I've got to scheme up ways to get on there!

missc said...

this month's teenvogue was indeed one of the best. and i loved the editorial shot in russia.

thetiniestspark said...

aw, thanks isabel!! it's so funny that you found my blog because yesterday i tried to link you on my blog by googling every combination of "hipster + canada + blog" to find your site again, but to no avail! so hooray! you found me!

omg and i love that you listed "depressing holocaust movies" as one of your interests. highly entertaining, and kindred to my doomsday movie interests as well.


nancy said...

I don't usually read Teen Vogue but I picked up this was ok but it made me miss my Ellegirl! :'(
I'm still pretty fuzzy about the circumstances concerning Ellegirl just going internet-only (e.g. what about profit?)

Anonymous said...

yes, what did happen to ellegirl? all of a sudden it stopped turning up.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Here's something for you to check out that's not about fashion but it's awesome. It's a CD:
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