Friday, August 04, 2006

Drop It Like It's Haute

I've gone absolutely bonkers with desire for a croc bag. Mock-croc, if we're discussing my price range that is. Perhaps I've read one too many Vogue or fantasized about vintage a little more than is healthy but there's nothing I wouldn't do to get ahold of a classic mock-crock, short of naming my firstborn Jesus. I've been really into finding a quilted bag an a croc bag to complete my middle-aged purse collection with. It's high time for me to scour some thrift stores, I'm only afraid of going and then spending money on things I don't need. After all, I tend to buy too many magazines and then covet the entire contents, when I really should have saved the $5 price tag for something worthwhile. Like a croc bag.


missc said...

me too! i've been looking for a croc bag forever. and thrift store scouting isnt exactly helping.

Dilemma said...

Oooh I got a fabulous faux croc bag at wal-mart ages ago.
Yes, walmart is not as cool as target-but I still love it.
and the bag holds a TON.
You should try there.