Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Fashion Philosophy

What is my fashion philosophy? I'm pretty sure I don't even have one. Some people claim that their philosophies entail asking "Do I love it?", "Can I afford it?", or "Does it go with anything I own already?" before buying an object. I suppose I try to stick with the former, but money is never an object because the clothes I like are always dirt cheap and I never even consider what matches in my wardrobe until I take the piece home. This results in a wearable collection of memorabilia pieces and loud patterns that beg to be worn. Even though not everything begs to be worn with loud patterns, I really couldn't love my clothes more.

Alright, I suppose you want to label me it could be said that I mix classicism with quirks and try to slap my name on it. But it sems to me that too many people try to do that and it just results in a "tired" style effect. That idea of teaching an old tricks in fashion is painfully universal. It's the reason why Diane Von Furstenburg's wrap dress pattern is updateable and innovation-friendly but the principles never actually change. So the next time anyone asks me about a fashion philosophy, I'll be proud to say that all fashion philosophies are more or less the same and I'm taking the road less travelled by ceasing to have one.


marY said...

yeah, i don't have a fashion philophy either. it annoys me when people won't buy something because it "won't go with anything" they have. i buy whatever looks good to me and get to have fun with innovating later. when you put constraints on yourself, you end up missing out on some great opportunities.

Money Miss said...

Erm, my philosophy is: "If you actually find something that fits you, buy it, even if it doesn't go with anything else you own."

Viva Las Divas said...

i don't have a philosophy, but there's a certain asthetic I love (big buttons, stars, glitter, hearts, full skirts etc etc etc) and I fall for it every time.