Saturday, August 19, 2006

Help Me!

13 days before I take off to Paris and these lines from La Femme struck fear into my trashionista heart. "The last time I flew direct to Paris, I nearly passed out from suddenly being in an atmosphere full of people who looked like they had just emerged from the pages of Vogue. Women were actually wearing stilletos, while men actually wore handbags." Dear Jesus. I cannot go looking like hell on wheels, but I can't go being uncomfortable on my feet for 8 hours a day.

Here is the list of clothing I planned to bring for the week - please help me revise accordingly!

-Black sweatpants (for airplane purposes only!)
-Black pants
-Ripped Jeans
-Gray star patterned leggings (and I'll burn in hell for it too.)
-Army jacket with band patches on one sleeve and spikes on the collar. (Fuck yeah, I'm hardcore.)
-Light gray "Queens University" hooded sweatshirt
-Dark gray wrap dress
-CBGB purple tee
-White tee with "E=mc2" in blue writing
-Red long sleeve shirt
-Black converse
-Black mary-janes
-Pink silk scarf (to keep my hair back)
-"Disco ball" beaded necklace.
-Zebra-print LeSportsac bag

As you can see, pretty much the entire list is gray or black for easy matching purposes. Do I need to change anything up?
Disclaimer: The leggings were thrown in for low maintenance puposes. I do not want to shave my legs while wearing anything ripped or short.


missc said...

Take red shoes. Or anything bright red and fabulous.

eurobrat said...

Not to worry Mdm. Isabel- when you resemble the Audrey, you can wear whatever you want.

Besides, you can do some clothes shopping in Paris.

Enjoy the City of Lights!!!

Viva Las Divas said...

black tights. definitely.
lots of tights.
also big sunglasses and some sort of cool hat.

thetiniestspark said...

belts, belts, belts...

and i'd leave the hooded sweatshirt at home, being surrounded by such fashionistas will implore you to never reveal the existence of lounge-wear to the outside monde. unless you're bringing it for sleeping/hotel purposes, in which case, pack away!

Polish-Pierogies said...

A barret you know those hats they wear in Paris. Don't worry! Europe is amazing your going to love it there. Best of wishes on your trip<3 --Polish-Pierogies! Comment back <3

money miss said...

OK, you are so not ready for Paris! Grab some cute shades, essential. And get a summer dress, you can wear this over your leggings or jeans. And get a cute jacket!

Anonymous said...

Isabel :)
Wear your rainbow polka dotted dress.
It would be fabulous with a cute sweater over it.
<3 Lauren

Danielle said...

aaah! You lucky girls all get to go to Paris - le sigh with envy.