Monday, August 14, 2006

Music-Fashion Game!

It's game time, and Hipster Musings is going to play Pat Sajak. My idea doesn't involve any prizes, simply the pursuit of fun. Consider this my invitation for all to unite music and fashion into one. Basically, you choose one designer and then match a band/artist whose music and persona you feel represents their clothing best. Post it on your blog and provide a description on why the designer and band/artist have so much in common. The only rule is; you can't match Marc Jacobs with Nirvana or Vivienne Westwood with the Sex Pistols. Those pairings are brainless and take no creativity whatsoever.

Here is mine. Betsey Johnson and Cyndi Lauper!

Girls just wanna have fun, and so does Betsey. Her dresses are all ridiculously flirty and fun, much like Lauper's 1980's incarnation. Both are zany hot chicks whose adventurous career was, and still is filled with great outfits. They should join forces and create an ultimate girl-power squad, maybe recruiting a Spice Girl or two. With Betsey's wacky dreads and Cyndi's neon bouffant, their superhair-o powers are undeniable.


fashion_blog_love said...

It's on my blog!

Danielle said...

jil sander = kraftwerk

galliano = gwen stefani