Thursday, August 24, 2006

Personality Reigns

Despite what other may belive, I've never perceived fashion as an individualized sport. Every season has it's trends, no buts about it. No room for rule-bending. What's in was in and that was that. But as my relationship with magazine culture, glossy advertising and the business of looking chic reaches a more intimate level, I realize that I have never been more wrong. Marc by Marc Jacobs parades his grungy layers around with moxie. Yves Saint Laurent prostitutes his hardass trouser/tunic sets with panache. Chloe pushes their flowing neutral sheaths with befitting nonchalance. While trends may not display a great adaptability, runways collections are as protean as people themselves. From the ripped-tee riot grrl to the neat and tidy Aunt Jemima, each element of their outfit is a unique trait suited to their inner beings. A woman can look just as good in a business skirt as she can in a miniskirt, because there are different parts to the same person and fashion must cater to every segment. Such is the beauty of rationality, fashionality and individuality. Let's dedicate a moment of silence (or awe) to the fashion Gods on Mount Olympus for the gift of clothing each and every aspect of our forms, however different those forms may be.


buttonsandstars said...

I completely agree with you. You can take one item of clothing, and wear it in the way that suits *you*. If everyone strictly followed trends, everyone would look exactly the same and there would be no one to start new ones because everyone would be copying the next person. Fortunately, this is not the case and I thank God when I look out and see so many different styles, worn in so many different ways. Yes, a lot may be on the same theme, but people are still taking the initiative to go that little bit further and experiment with what they are wearing.

missc said...

Gosh, you really know how to express things. I've realized the same thing, and kudos for bringing it up and doing so in a fabulous way.

Kit said...

ah!! i love the sex pistols, simon and garfunkel, le tigre, beck, and the perks of being a wall flower! that's so crazy!