Saturday, August 19, 2006


I love sunglasses. Incidentally, so does everyone in Hollywood and anyone with an account on Myspace.
Look, it's me in heart shaped sunglasses! Look, it's a Myspace hipster looking cool in her ridiculous shades!
Unfortunately, I am bespectacled and cannot wear sunglasses over regular ones. Sunglasses also tend to look stupid on me, but that minor setback never stopped me from searching for a pair of Lolita-esque heart-shaped ones. It took at least 6 months of "searching" but the Dollar Store presented me with this near perfect option. Never mind the fact that they leave the bridge of my nose bright pink after wearing them. A dilemma like that isn't going to ruin my enjoyment of these gems. I'm just glad I don't have to worry about keeping my eyes open in pictures. No wonder my middle name is Squinty.


Money Miss said...

Did you know that you can get reaction lenses? They're normal glasses indoors, but when you go out they turn into sunglasses.
Although I haven't seen cute ones.
Never mind.

Shelby said...

Haha, my profile pic on myspace is in my homie's slinkster cool white Kurt Cobian-esque glasses. Yay!

Viva Las Divas said...

i heart heart sunglasses
you see?
can't you wear contacts?

missc said...

hey isabel, i was reading your archives (yes, lame) and you posted a lot more pics of yourself before.. c'mon we like to see you!

mary said...

ayy, you just made me fall in love with heart-shaped glasses. i'm craving some now!

Lulu Fruitloops said...

i love heart shaped sunglasses! i have been searching for the perfect pair forever too. i loved the ones on fred flare and urban outfitters.

le fashion said...

amazingly cool glasses!:)

Bloc hornet said...

lol very true there does seem to be alot of sunglasses on myspace