Monday, September 18, 2006

September 5th & 6th in Paris

September 5th, 2006: I went to the Versailles during the day and saw the Eiffel Tower for the first time at night. Versailles was beautiful and excessive but hardly worth losing your head over. The weather was so hot I was afraid of dehydration and/or sunstroke, but luckily all medical maladies were avoided for a day. Well, all except for a Kit Kat McFlurry at McDonalds.
-Seeing the Eiffel Tower was one of the most sincere feelings I've ever had. It was frighteningly beautiful when at exactly 10:00 p.m. lights started to sparkle, creating a magical glittery effect.The couples in love and flamenco buskers made me feel so humble and my surroundings seem so otherworldly. To have been in love at that moment may well have been an incarnation of the divine.****

September 6th, 2006: It is here that necessity is forcing me to conquer my fear of not matching my outfits perfectly. I usually admire the messy folk who leave the house looking like a grunge wet dream, but I am jut not one of those people. If the shoes don't match the shirt and the jewelery doesn't match the bag, I have the uncontrollable urge to tweak something. Well, today I was wearing a gray leopard print top and a pink silk headscarf, and realized exactly how sacriligeous it would be to pair a zebra-print bag with the leopard shirt. In a rush toget out the door, I stuffed all of my personal belongings into a purse I had bought the day earlier. It happened to be a black patent leather tote with the word "Paris" an eiffel tower as the "a" and a heart on there somewhere. Yes, a cheesy tourist piece but an irresistable one at that. Luckily I had no one to point out that the pink scarf did not match the red heart. When I realized that on the subway I started to panic, but realized that it was pointless and decided to take the epiphany route instead. One small step in fashion rule-breaking, one giant leap for me.
-I spent all morning in the Louvre, and well, there's not many fashionable things to report there, so I'll skip to the afternoon spent on the Champs Elysees. I ate macaroons at LaDuree, probably the most fancy and delicious teahoue in all of Paris. Only go there if you can afford to gain weight. Everything is so delicious, that you probably will. Right outside the Louis Vuitton store I saw the craziest outfit. Ever. Worn by a 60 year old was a floral dress, red leggings, white shoes a gold sequinned purse and a rainbow beaded nacklace and bracelet. This woman was not a mental patient either. She actually pulled it off. Inside LV was a different story. Everyone in there is either Asian or a well-coiffed blonde who wants there piece of the conspicuous consumption pie. I looked like crap and tried to keep a low profile, which didn't work out when a security guard in a suit caught me taking a bootleg picture of a sumptuous white coat. Luckily, one of the sales clerks was a really nice guy who let me take a picture of myself in some secret back room and called me pretty. Honestly, he might've given away a free purse if that wouldn't have compromised his job...After Louis, I visited Pucci and Dior but felt way to scruffy to show my face in any other chichi joint. I was just tired of the Dior Barbies turning up their nose at me. Leave me alone, bitches. Hedi Slimane would approve!


dusk&summer said...

I love your Paris posts!! You are so lucky..I've never been :( lol sounds like you had fun!:)

morgan said...

what fun !!!!! you should have put more pictures!!!!!!