Saturday, October 21, 2006

Autumn Blues

The Autumn blues were starting to set in on me, so being inspired by Miss Couture, I decided to go to the local Old Navy an see what was shakin'. I had heard rumours of a mysterious $1 bargain rack somewhere in the store, and though I was unable to accurately locate it - I did pick up some pretty great deals. The onset of Winter calls for black, and this Swiss Dot shirt for $11.99 does the trick. Wow, Old Navy clothing photographs terribly. It looks much sweeter and more antiquated in real life.

I think this chandelier shirt is damn wicked. Fashion is much more fun than interior design, but mixing them together is just one big party. This sheer striped shirt looks particularly disgusting in the photograph. How can this store expect to sell clothing over the internet if it looks this bad? At least I was an in-store sucker for this $10.99 shirt, in black and brown.

I also ended up at a sketchy looking thrift store the next day buying a brown-striped Girl Guides shirt, an Esprit belt, a polka-dotted belt, 2 pair of earrings and this Converse sweater all totaling $5.25. Sometimes the sketchiness is really worth the deals.
Damn, I love shopping!


Caileigh :) said...

damn .. i love you .. and your ability to get such amazing things at rape crazy prices .. yes yes .. i said rape crazy .. :)


Sarah said...

I really like the chandelier shirt, it's really cool.

Alison said...

whenever i feel the crazy boredom setting in, shopping is what i do! I like the stripey shirt.

missc said...

Ooh la la I spy my blog! Muchos gracias.
Yes, Old Navy rocks, but I take back my comment on how Gap was lacking. I can never hate the Gap for too long.

Anonymous said...

Love your blog! I'm so linking you!

Maddy said...

Kinda diggin' the chandelier tee. One could concievably wear it with anything, including those juicy yellow D&G pumps from overstock posted about below.