Saturday, October 07, 2006

English Connection

My English class has a new student teacher, who is a wee bit cute. Not my type at all, he's too clean and preppy but his name is Mr. Meulemeester. His name made me think of Ann Demeulemeester, which prompted me to check out her S/S 07 collection. It's all black/cream and heavenly androgynous. Just ignore the ankle boots. The trompe de l'oeuil tuxedo vest top is adorable, especially on the greasy-mopped model.


london_bird said...

"heavily androgynous"
i love that.
i dont know if you rememer maliaxonfire.
but its me.
i moved.
i was over it.
but im back :]

*emma* said...

sweet. everything i love- anne de meulemeester and cute student teachers.

Carissa said...

I'd love the tops, they were all falling off and beautiful.

buttonsandstars said...

That tuxedo vest is stunning.