Sunday, October 29, 2006

Everyone's Space

I know, I know. Myspace is lame, right? But it somehow has this addicting quality and I've managed to become completely hooked. Staring at pictures of complete strangers is a really creepy thing to do, but I enjoy it and often find inspiration in many of the pictures. The emo kids and hipsters are all so pretty and fashionable that I'm almost jealous. Almost, but not quite. Look at these pictures of adorable people! Don't tell them I stole their pictures...

Feel free to add me. Just make sure you have a nice display picture and a literate profile. I have standards!


Carissa said...

I added you! My display name is Carissa; original, I know.

missc said...

i think you should get a facebook instead, so i can add you:)

NATRIBU said...

Hi! I'm a girl from Barcelona (Spain). I like your blog!
I have another blog about women with style in the street, in Spain.
I invite you to take a look to it and if you like you could add a link to my blog in yours.
Thanks anyway.

Alison said...

i am such a creepster too. i like look at profiles of complete strangers just for fun. if my friends knew.... lol.

notesandtotes said...

the second girl is amazingly cool. I want to be her, as I wish I had piano suspenders.

molly said...

Im gonna add if you get an add from 'molly', its just me.

not a stalker.