Sunday, October 15, 2006

Jean McQueen

Jeans are a difficult article of clothing to categorize. Trends dictate which ones to wear, but their omnipresence in fashion tends to defy all convention. Then, there;s the search for that perfect pair that never really ends. I've always wondered how designer denim like Rogan, Loomstate or Tsubi would fit my body compared to those of the model whose curves they most often hug. Though I'll never get as close to luxuary denim as I would like to, my search for the perfect pair begins and ends at Gap. Size 0 straight leg are the perfect fit for me. They're sturdy and can camoflauge themselves as a skinny or boot-cut style depending on whatever is fashionable. (Who wants to wear flared jeans now, honestly). I always thought my hips were pretty huge for my body but I guess not, because this straight cut was the only one that didn't give me fabric saddlebags. The straight silhouette is leg-lengthening and flattering on all body types. After all, who doesn't want longer legs? One look at Nadja Auermann and you'll be an Amazonian convert.


pastellic wonder♥ said...

ah, the search for the perfect pair of jeans, a life long mission i have yet to complete!

riley said...

my perfect pair of pants: true religion straight-leg stretch johnny jeans. best-fitting piece of clothing i have tried on in my entire life. i own them in 2 different washes i love them so much.

awesomegoddess said...

Who doesn't want longer legs?


Mine get too much attention as it is.

ambika said...

Citizen's of Humanity. Perfect rise, perfect slimming fit. I need a new pair tho.

*emma* said...

god you are lucky. im still scraping by with the one pair of ok jeans.