Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Wow - how come I have just learned about www.overstock.com? It's pretty fabulous. Actually, most of the stuff inside their 'Designer Store' is absolute junk but the prices are so amazing it's really worth sifting through. Look what you can find! Those Dolce & Gabbana patent platforms are ridiculous! I am definitely coveting them, in a silly sort of way.

And to continue with my love for trompe de l'oeuil, these Just Cavalli tops really caught my eye. I don't have any jewelery this eye-catching. And frankly, who cares if you can just buy a shirt this fun! Footnote: I hate life blogs that lack general topics and weeny emotions attatched to them, but I figured I might as well speak about what happened today with that lovely girl who was so nice as to inter-slander me. I blatantly confronted her when she sat down at the lunch table, much yelling ensued etc. It ended when our argument started into a turf war over our mutual friends... I don't care if she hates me, really - but she did not have to disrespect me, that's when I turn vile. Now, I just have to listen to the wmotion-purging Distillers and I should be over it. Thanks for the support, folks.


ariana said...

I love your blog.

I would love it even more if you did a post about winter-wear! I live in Wisconsin...it's really cold...but NOT as cold as Canada! So if you'd be a complete dear... :D

missc said...

Ariana has a good point, winter wear is tres important!

Anyways, have you heard of blocksavvy.com? I haven't decided if it's hot or not.

Sarah said...

dear lord, ijust had a shoe orgast over the dolce & gabbana, they're gorgeous, haha