Saturday, October 14, 2006

Tra La La - Louis!

How does one tell the difference between a real and a fake Louis Vuitton? Case in point, I believe I read in Counterfeit Chic once that about 1% of LV logo bags are authentic, can you believe that? My best friend Shelby bought one (Authenticity Undermined) at her Church Rummage Sale! Though a rummage sale, and a religious one at that seems like a sketchy place to be buying a designer handbag, we must keep in mind that these are seriously rich Koreans unloading their wardrobes for charity. Despite the bag's 25 cent price tag, her mom took home a vintage '80s Christian Dior blazer there too, along with piles of Liz Claiborne, DKNY etc. Is that lucky or what? It sunds like a rummage sale of mythological proportions. An Atlantis-like event, the lost city of damn cheap designer clothes. Shelby is letting me "borrow" this great find until her mom notices it's gone - hopefully I'm invited to a garage sale like this next year. After all, isn't everyone just a luxury bag away from happiness?

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*emma* said...

i LOVE thrift stores!!! i found this amazing jumper thing at one of them, and skinny boots at another one. peace.