Sunday, November 12, 2006

Collecting My Thoughts

I am a list-maker. Devoid of all spontaneity, I try to plan thing out (namely, my life) years in advance. Before I go shopping, I always have to have a list of what I want to buy or at least a solid idea. With all of the large life decisions I have to make in the next few months (University etc.), I've made a list of all the big ticket items I'll need within the next few years.

Long-Term Wishlist
1. New iPod. My old one broke and now I can only listen to it on shuffle. I will hopefully buy this before Christmas.

2. Digital camera. I'm sick of not being abke to post pictures of my purchases on here. Hopefully I'll get this for Christmas/Birthday from my parents. (Yes, Christmas and birthday are interlinked. Christmas is on the 25th and my birthday is on the 28th.)

3. New winter coat. Hopefully this will be a Christmas/Birthday present too. My current gold quilted coat doesn't match anything and fails at being classy. The new winter coat will preferrably be a red plaid pea coat, depending on what fabric is available.

4. Prom shoes. Since my mom is making my Prom dress, and I just want it to be a simple white bustier-slip dress (very Narcisco Rodriguez), the shoes will have to be mind-blowing.

5. Designer handbag. Something recognizable, like Gucci or Vuitton. I've been unsatisfied with my multitude of cheap purses as of late and need something with quality, class and trend-transcending style.

6. Laptop. Self-explanatory for University.

7. Doc Martens. I need heavy-hitting shoes to survive in a concrete jungle.

8. American Apparel sweatpants in Gray, Black and Brown. For University studying purposes only. Not to be worn in public.

Short-Term Wishlist

1. Random wardrobe items. I'm going to Toronto twice in the next 2 weeks and should make budget allowances for whatever trinkets I might find.

Otherwise, I will always be on the vigilant lookout for a:

-White Quilted Purse

-Black Quilted Purse

-Fair Isle Sweater

-Flattering black turtleneck. The one I own right now makes me look like a turtle. It's bad.

-Lady Oracle by Margaret Atwood

--Since I have a coupon for $$ off Old Navy I'll buy the quilted clutch and give the bow ballet flats a chance. Perhaps a flattering black turtleneck can be found.


marY said...

hmm, our birthdays are only two days apart-- mine is the 30th of december.
and i also always make lists; i have such a terrible memory i wouldnt remember anything if i didnt write it down

Alison said...

omg my birthday's in a week!!! sorry i'm having a mini spasm. i should make lists... i'm a very messy and unorginized person :z

Anonymous said...

Agh! List compilers unite! In theory, writing lists is a good idea to get yours ideas together. But it isn't after you write your twentieth entry that you realize just HOW MUCH you have to do.

So what are you planning on studying?

alanna said...

i wish there was prom in england, i think i'll just organise a random one at my house or something when the time comes

buttonsandstars said...

Yeah, I always have to make a list when I'm going to go shopping. It *almost* stops me from buying stuff in haste! I also just feel a whole lot better with lists. Then I don't forget things.

Ivy Frozen said...

the Old Navy bow ballet flats are cute. I was tempted to get them myself, but stuck to my "no new shoes until I wear out a pair" ban*.

*-ban does not include estremely cute, unique, me shoes that just scream for me to purchase them or live in regret for the rest of my life (or until I forget...)

maya said...

maybe its called a turtleneck for a reason?
i love the sound of your prom dress and you have a really interesting blog to read

Danielle said...

and she reads Atwood.

you are the coolest little hipster ever.

see you at TFBB

Anonymous said...

Lists are so much fun! They help me relax and organize your thoughts and realize what you actually want and don't want.

molly said...

I'm a list maker too. Though my lists are more of the sexy rocker type.
But yours are exciting too. =D

Lisa said...

i love doc martins and also am a compulsive list-maker, i haven't made one in a while though...