Monday, November 06, 2006


I attempted to write this post in the morning during my spare period, but I was yelled at by a testosterone-charged female teacher for not doing curriculum work and I grudgingly succumbed to her bogus authority. So anyways, let's start again.

In reference to the post below: Curse you, Ebay! I ended up losing the auction, of course - and was so sad that I considered bidding on a fake Stam bag but decided against it. A few months ago it was my goal to own a quilted bag and a croc bag, and I finally own both but am very disappointed with the actual results. My quilted purse is black velvet, but the chain strap links don't fit together perfectly anymore. The vintage croc purse is a deep blue colour. I wish it were black and it looks like a garbage bag if you think about it too hard. With University lurking in my future, I realized that I should save my money and just be happy with the bags I've already acquired, despite their flaws. But if I'm still in desperate need of a perfect quilted or croc purse, I might find one when I'm in Toronto on November 22nd. If you see a girl in a gold coat with ratty brown hair running around Queen St. that day, just say hi!


Danielle said...

I hope I do see that girl... call me if you've got some time in your itinerary.

Yay Isabel is coming to Toronto!

Sarah said...

we never are satisfied with what we got after a while, haha. oh well, i'm sure the bags look fine. i'd really like to see a picture of the croc.

ambika said...

'Bogus authority.' Perfect phrase ever.

I definitely get frustrated with some of my ebay purchases as pictures can never quite capture everything but the purses sound basic enough that it shouldn't matter too much in the long run.


i can't wait for toronto!
you're hot :)

Butter Plates said...

You like handbags, do you ?

You would have a few multiples if you ever visit Hong Kong. It seems like every rendition of every bag ever made is on display in HK, and are for sale.

Real designers bags. VuVu, Gucci, Prada, Fendi.
A few shops selling real gently used bags.Prices reasonable although, not quite flea market priced.

The dearth of shops in TO selling handbags is appalling. Much of it is overblown , over priced trash.You gotta go international to see the real deal, darling.