Monday, November 27, 2006

Eczema Eyewear

My mother an I are both bespectacled, and needed to get our frames tightened, so we took a downtown venture apres-ecole to Essenzia Eyewear, or "Eczema Eyewear" as my mom so lovingly dubbed it. What began as a simple technical affair turned into more of a complicated love affair. Many people with 20/20 vision don't appreciate glasses, but this place had some of the most original frames I've ever seen. Particularly notable pairs were the Donna Karan black emo frames covered in rhinestones priced at $329 and a frameless Dolce & Gabbana pair with thick white arms for $399. Most designer accessories are frivolous, but frames are a true necessity and will get used every day unlike a scarf or pair of shoes. Both pairs were so beautiful that I wanted to invest $730 on the spot, and perhaps I will when insurance will cover my new prescription next year.


maya said...

the D&G ones sound very cool
are they all 70's stylee?

Anonymous said...

Oooh, the rhinestone ones sound wonderful!

alanna said...

i adore glasses, i go to the optician hoping to need to have glasses. I love going out to get new frames with my mom, which happens quite often seeing as no amount of money is too much to spend on her (darn parents...) we likedthe donna karen ones as well. not so much the rhinestone ones for her, and also paul smith frames. gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

High five on being bespectacled. The frames sound wonderful. I'm currently lusting over these red Robert Cavali's (sp?) that have shiny butterflies on the side. It does not look as tacky as I describe

Viva Las Divas said...

I have emo glasses!
But I only wear them at home.
And when I wear them with my wonder woman t shirt I look like such a comic book geek and I love that.

ambika said...

I love glasses and wish I actually needed them. I actually have two sort of antique pairs: 1950s cat eye glasses and a turn of the century wrap-around-the-ear pair.

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