Thursday, November 23, 2006


Ignore my half-closed eyes and pay attention to the fact that I am posing in a picture with Emily Haines. THE gorgeous and talented Emily Haine of Metric, now with her own solo cd. She may or may not be a total cokehead, but she was really quite nice and looked simple and solid in black sunglasses and a pea coat. I went to Toronto on November 22nd and had a lovely time at the Art Gallery of Ontario, Queen St. W. and the Yorkdale Mall. The only thing I bought at the AGO was an overpriced Ansel Adams magnet for my mom, and I can't say Queen St. was much better. Though I adore the stores there, I felt like a tightwad and didn't buy anything except for black leg warmers (for warmth, I swear) and dark gray ribbed tights. There was a pair of creamy metallic flats with nice detail on them that I would've dropped some moolah on if they had actually fit. A nice store clerk complimented me on my Chucks, which are purple and have a strip of rainbow on them.

I still hadn't dropped the miser act at the Yorkdale mall and almost vomited after spending $142.05 on four bloody things at H&M. The four items being: Business-like pants, a fitted black turtleneck, a gray cable knit sweater and gold skull earrings. They're all quite boring pieces more fitting to a secretary's wardrobe than a grungy teenager's, but perhaps some professional class is just what I need. Unfortunately, I was suffocating from the abundance of Gucci in that mall, and since my LeSportsac just couldn't compare, I was too embarrassed to even step in to Holt Renfrew. Maybe next time.


Danielle said...

Oh Isabel... you came to Toronto and didn't call me! I'm heartbroken... ah well, I guess I can't compete with H&M =)

missc said...

Emily Haines!!
ahh you lucky girl