Monday, December 25, 2006

Adventures with Santa Claus

Even without snow, it's still a lovely Christmas morning 2006. I'll post a list of what I received for Christmas, and I hope to see other bloggers doing the same! This Christmas was special because no one went beyond their means. I didn't get a couchful of present, but didn't want one either. I received exactly what I wanted, and though it wasn't a whole lot, it was good enough for me. That's my new L.L. Bean fair-isle sweater to the left. I've been quietly desiring a fair isle sweater for a long time, because they seem like the perfect item you can hunker down or dress up. There is the chance of looking like a matronly festive mistake while wearing fair isle, but I'm young and creative enough to pull something of that is generationally appropriate. It's a bit too big now, but can be easily altered. Here we go.

Christmas 2006:
-L.L. Bean red Fair Isle sweater
-L.L. Bean red & white striped slipper/socks
-Glen plaid trousers (custom-made)
-Gray pinstripe trousers (custom-made)
-$100 cash
-$100 Chapters gift card
-Oprah 20 seasons DVD
-Electric tuner
-2 prs. socks
-Red fleece gloves
-Chunky red yarn + 6 mm knitting needles
-Snowman slipper/socks
-Toblerone chocolate

I'm planning on putting the $100 towards a classy winter coat. Can anyone give me ideas on where to find one?

P.S.: Tell me about your Christmas 'receive' list!


Anonymous said...

very nice, Isabel! Hope you have a great Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Zara has some amazingly cute coats. They might be a bit over 100$, but check them out during Boxing Day!

marY said...

i got a sewing machine and a jamba juice giftcard. and as joke gift from my sister, "cheetah girls 2."

The One With Many Names said...

I got a nice looking knee-length black wool coat from Target from my mom, and she only spent about $40! I've already recieved a ton of compliments.
"Santa" gave me an mp3 player, and my boyfriend gave me gorgeous aquamarine studs (my birthstone).
BTW, I love your blog!

Anonymous said...

It appears to me as though Santa spoiled you....I hope you left some cookies and hot cocoa for that poor tired man. Custom ARE nice.

Anonymous said...

I'm excited that you're knitting. And what a great list of very winter stuff. If my gifts were a little more clothes-oriented, I might post a list...we'll see.

Anonymous said...

Ah. You make me wish Miami didn't have summer all year long. The comfy winter stuff sounds awesome.

Anonymous said...

I got an IPod Nano, a great haircut and some things for my new apartment: a set of glassware, a bedside lamp and picture frame, a cool mirror with a tribal wood frame, and some little stocking stuffers (the December vogue was the most noteworthy thing in my stocking).

Love the blog, BTW.