Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Every fashionista feels the intrinsic desire to stand out and be unique, and it's not always so easy in a world of clones. One way to stand out is to find handmade pieces, which can be especially difficult. But luckily, the websites such as Etsy make it easier to connect designers to customers. Handmade Heart is one of my random friends on Myspace who makes amazing things. The girl behind it screenprints her own t-shirts and sells them at local concerts somewhere in California. Look at how amazing these Handmade Heart tote bags are. They are so creative and cute, it just about kills me.
Dogbone Art is a seller on Etsy whose cute designs caught me eye. The emphasis on cupcakes and panda bears just makes me coo. I understand that em0 and sceneeee kids will probably freak out over the twisted cute factor of Dogbone art, but even I am not able to withstand it's appeal. Bow down to cute, one can't be glamourous allllll the time.

A cupcake pirate? I'm infatuated.


Alison said...

Awwwthe dogbone art designs are very very cute! cupcakes = <3

Anonymous said...

The pirate cupcake totally wins me over and so does the panda. The problem is I have parents who are weary of me ordering online.

Anonymous said...

lovely handbags! just the fact of carrying with you something so unique and original makes them worth!

Anonymous said...

the cupcakes are brilliant