Saturday, December 30, 2006

Atypical Muse Awards

It's the 1st annual 'Atypical Muse Awards' 2006. I've picked a model and an Icon to commemorate. They both personify the spirit of fashion in 2006 without becoming overexposed. 2006's greatest model award does not go to Gemma Ward and her revolution of alien lookalikes (*cough*SashaPivarova&SnejanaOnopka*cough*) or Kate Moss' drug addled comeback. It goes to Jessica Stam. Her face is adorable and I admire her seamless transition from quirky redhead to ravishing blonde. With a Marc Jacobs' it-bag to her name, Stam is on the rise to becoming an uber-model. She lead the forefront of the holy Canadian trinity of modeling, Jessica Stam/Heather Marks/ Julia Dunstall, and make me proud that Tim Hortons could produce such a talented beauty.

Screw Edie Sedgwick and her contrived horizontal stripes. Fashionistas with street cred look up to Patti Smith for inspiration. Not only is she the Poet Laureate of punk, she personified the messy-androgynous look that was so revered for F/W 06. I hero-worship this woman's style, history and music. Chances are, you won't - but that doesn't stop you from being subconsciously influenced by her mannish rock 'n' roll sensibilities.


notesandtotes said...

yes, the US is a pretty.......great? country.

I mean, in the sense that there's such a mix of cultures and lifestyles.

I've traveled the country before, albeit with my family. It's quite an experience.

What's Canada like? I've only ever been to BC, and I feel in love with Victoria and Vancouver. But I am going to Nova Scotia this summer.

Anonymous said...

Jessica is lovely, but I love Snejana! She's prettier than Gemma anyways.

Anonymous said...

I agree, Edie Sedgwick is a little overrated!