Thursday, December 28, 2006

It's my birthday!

Damn right I'll cry if I want to. I went out to breakfast at Cora's with my parents this morning to celebrate and then bought my much desired pair of comfy moccasins as a present. Yesterday I went on a shopping trip to Toronto with my best friend and ended up striking a few things of my perma-wishlist of essentials.
1. A black croc bag. Everywhere I turn, there's brown croc bags, white croc bags, vomit-green croc bags but never any classic black ones. Where there is a black one to be found, it often resembles a particularly plastic-looking trash bag. I found the perfect black croc bag at one of those knockoff stands in the mall, and just happens to be a fake Kelly bag - the epitome of class, no?

2. Skinny black pants. I was looking for black pants in general, but these skinnies from H+M were quite flattering and beatnik-reminiscent.

3. A winter coat. Ta-dah! Miss Couture had suggested Zara as a place to find cute winter coats, and she was totally right. I found an emerald green pea coat with a stand-up collar for $80, and it looks incredibly luxe when paired with my new "Kelly" bag.

My $100 Chapters giftcard was spent so quickly! In just 2 trips to the store, I ended up blowing it all on:
2 books chronicling the history of punk
A book on Yves St. Laurent
A book on Existentialism and
An Edward Gorey Calendar


Anonymous said...

the winter coat sounds great

marY said...

awesome, my birthday is in two days! i'm asking for a subscription to vogue and teenvogue

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!
thanks for the shoutout, glad you found a cute coat

Anonymous said...

Happy happy birthday! I'm envious of the books on existentialism and Yves Saint Laurent.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday and congratulations on the new buys!

Time Freedom Fighter said...

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notesandtotes said...

what were the two books you bought on punk called?

i might want to check them out.

Anonymous said...

nice birkin

SOUL: said...

happy almost next birthday!

what is Existentialism exactly ?

and how was the book???

take care eh?