Monday, December 04, 2006

Killer Kevin <3

Let me introduce you to a "character" who attends Centennial Secondary School. I'll call him "Kevin" and he is flamboyantly gay. I love gay men, but Kevin is not the loveable type. He walks around with a stick of pretension shoved right up his ass and a camera around his neck so he can take oh-so-important photos for the yearbook that showcase his artistic talent. He's an emo type whose myspace name is something like "Killer Kevin <3" and has white blond hair with skunky black patches in it. He'll wear skinny jeans so tight that his calves bulge out with flourescent green Vans and pink polka-dotted socks, you get the picture. But not today. It is spirit week and on "Dress Down Day" he decides to wear gray sweatpants with blue booty shorts overtop. It was heinous. It was impossible to distinguish whether they were cheerleaders shorts or womens underwear. I did a double-take it was so bad. My school needs a revolution, a fashion crusade. Maybe even an inquisition. Whatever you want to call it, those kind of outfits just need to stop.


ambika said...

I don't even want to picture that. Very scary. And worthy of some sort of underwear inquisition.

alanna said...

wow. and that's dressing down??
yeesh, gives me the shivers

Anonymous said...

Don't you love it when people try to draw attention to themselves through "shock value" only to end up pulling a Britney and looking like an ass?

To answer your question: I don't go to university. Still high school for me. Which is both good and bad.

Anyway, thanks a lot for the link!

Shelby said...