Sunday, December 17, 2006

Mixed Bag

Guess what? I am Time Magazine's person of the year- and so are you. Yes, Time has named 'You' as person of the year because of internet culture's effect on 2006. By using Myspace and YouTube, by file sharing music and reading/writing blogs - the user friendly aspect of the internet has been immortalized. Congratulations to myself and other wonderful bloggers for contributing to the global phenomena.

Another thing, how do I get invited the cult of Coutorture? I've been noticing little black boxes reading "Member of Coutorture" more and more often. Come on, I think I deserve to be a member. I've been blogging for 9 months, which counts as approximately a decade in blog years. My dues have been paid. I'm worth my salt. It's time for my coming-of-age ceremony.

And finally, this is a personal apology to Danielle of Final Fashion. I have removed the "Anonymous" commenting option on this blog due to ridiculous spammers selling appetite suppressants and viagra. I know that means you can't conveniently comment anymore, but we are together in the spirit of blogging. I just can't think of anything I need less that appetite suppressants or viagra, short of more spam.

School gets out on December 22nd, so expect the posting frequency to be much higher after that date. Happy Holidays!


molly said...

aww, its so nice to be recognized by TIME for my achievements...

Anonymous said...


Just go to Coutorture, sign up and somewhere you'll find html for a banner. It's nothing special, really. I was extremely excited and then discovered that I had to do all this work, submitting my new posts etc. Bo-ring.

alanna said...

wow, that's so weird, school in england got out last week/week before.
but north american schools have longer summer breaks (something that really everyone needs)

Anonymous said...

You can sign up to be a Coutorture member on their website. you don't have to submit posts, (although you can do so without being an official member in the reader contributed stores" section). Posts are chosen from the daily posts that you publish on Hipster Musings. Julie and Phil try to choose your best work. They put it up in the appropriate section with a link back to the original article on your blog.

I've noticed that when one of my posts is chosen I get a lot of traffic from the Coutorture post link.

discothequechic said...

yayy! person of the year. well done, us!

The "member of coutorture" thing sounds interesting... I ahven't come across it, myself. Maybe you could submit stories to the website through the popular stories page?

Also, do you want to swap links for blogs?

S xx