Thursday, December 21, 2006

Nobody Cares About Your T-Shirt

If anyone has set foot into a Bluenotes lately, they would have noticed a particularly horrendous tan graphic tee on the 2/$10 rack reading "Nobody Cares About Your Blog". All I can say is that it's a genuinely ugly shirt, why else would it be on the 2/$10 rack - at Bluenotes no less. The unfortunate part is that I actually saw a girl at school wearing the bloody thing. I'm not sure whether to be offended by her lack of fashion sense or the slogan on her shirt. I suppose neither really matter, but I can't help but mock her in bitter irony. "Of course you don't care about my fashion blog. You would have to possess at least an inkling of good taste in order to check it out." So there, blog-hater. That's my rebuttal to your t-shirt... It's a crying shame you'll never get to read it.


marY said...

what a puta fea... but your rebuttal is quite clever

Anonymous said...

I second the Bluenotes hate.

I usually avoid malls like the plague, but I needed a decent casual pair of black pants, and not wanting to pay $150 at some boutique, I mistakenly set off to Eaton Centre. BAAAAH. Never. Again. Dude, Bluenotes--what horror.

Ooh, "I don't care about your blog." How bitchy! Well, I guess Bluenotes would want to send out that message since fashion bloggers tend to project some sort of love of style, and clearly, that doesn't fit in with the Bluenotes agenda.