Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Un Autre Experience Dans Value Village.

Another trip to Value Village yields:
-A bright green sweater with the pink panther's face on it! In mint condition, only a tiny, endearing hole on the sleeve.
-A pink miniskirt with black lace overlay.
-A teal coloured cable knot cashmere sweater. Perfect condition. Strikingly similar to the picture of a cable knit sweater in an earlier post about L.L. Bean. The colour is exact.

The grand total? $18.37. Yes Virginia, I am fabulous.

Thursday, April 20, 2006


Very soon, an Old Navy claims to be opening in my local mall, so I figured I should skip on over to the website in order to see if there was anything nice on there. The selection turned out to be pretty "hit or miss", and I'll out line some of the rather nice items and some of the more tragic ones...First up is this shirt with a pretty lady on it. She's pretty, the sketching is delicate and it's a bit of an hippie t-shirt for Old Navy overall.

Oh. My. God. Who the fuck designed these shoes? They're absolutely awful! Espadrilles are supposed to be earthy, with the rope and all. Then you add sequins and turn them into the shoe equivalent of Vegas hookers? Eww. Plus, what's up with those ankle straps. These should only be worn with wiiide bell bottoms so that the bottom of the pantleg covers these bad boys up.

This shirt is pretty sweet. I love sincere and sweet yet disorganized pieces - and this beadwork is perfect for describing that. It's so random and cute!

Hobo bags should die. Metallic hobo bags should suffer. I know the canvas is supposed to be beachy and the gold is supposed to dress it up a bit, but it just ends up looking a bit like a Frankenstein-created bisexual schizophrenic. Very very confused.

There. That was my Old Navy journey for the day. May your adventures in generic fashion serve you well.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Claiming Your Clotheshorse Territory

It's a double-post today, love. Trends You Hated Then Loved/Fashion Rules You Broke and Claiming Your Clotheshorse Territory.

Trends You Hated Then Loved/Fashion Rules You Broke - The one I'm talking about deals with a useful accessory called a belt. Useful for helping your pants stay on and for enhancing a particular style. I am a belt addict. I used to scorn all of the airhead at my school who never wore belts and then you could view their underwear every time they sat down, free of charge. Aside from that, those belt-deniers have boring style. Boring! Wearing a belt would have spiced up their outfit so much more! Lately, I've spent a day in their shoes, though. I now realize that if the pants fit well enough then you don't need a belt, and sometimes a belt even confuses your outfit if all you're aiming for is simplicity. It also looks kinda stupid if your shirt covers the best and all you can see is the outline of a belt poking out from underneath your shirt. Don't get me wrong, I still love belts and own a ton of pyramid belts (shut up) - but I'm learning to let go.

Claiming Your Clotheshorse Territory - Ever wonder why you feel then need to wear a piece of clothing as soon as you get it? Don't fight it, it's instinctual - you're simply claiming your clotheshorse territory . Though you wouldn't alwyas believe it, everyone seems to want to be an individual and a trendsetter. This is why wearing that excellent piece makes you feel so good. Even if someone shows up wearing it or something similar to it next week, you were the first. So go ahead and piddle like a tomcat on the styles you want to call your own. 'Cause later on, someone's going to be wearing clothes with cat pee on them...

Lastly, a proverb from my math teacher last year - "Look good, feel good. Feel good, do well."

Monday, April 17, 2006

It's All Your Fault!

Okay guys, it seems like the comments on this blog are going the way of the dodo, and you know what that means. Please, gratify my fragile ego! You know the situation is getting serious when I have to beg. Come on faithful readers, I know you're out there! (I think...)

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


I was in the passenger seat while driving with my mom when I caught a glimpse of a rather large girl wearing an outfit of entire... camoflauge! I positively choked on my words. "She...did...not!" was pretty much all I managed to cough out at the time. Why would anyone do this. Not to be a fashion fascist, but I think she should've been shot dead on the spot. The camoflauges didn't even match! Not like I would condone wearing a matching camo outfit though. Thank God soldiers are such manly men they don't care about how naff their uniforms are! Anyhoo, I don't even have a huge problem camo if it's a t-shirt or something, as long as it's worn in moderation. Moderation is the key, my friends. This girl's outfit violated my vision and now I'm legally blind...

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Back To The Boardroom

I just yearn for the quirky kind of class that a pair of pinstripe and glen plaid pants will give me. I know that the natural territory of these sorts of slacks is generally in the 9-5 office boardroom, but hey, I'm an old soul. Besides, I think I would wear them in a completely different way than businesswomen would. As you can probably guess, I'm not exactly the matching suit type - I'd most likely pair them with converse and a fitted tee shirt. In conclusion, my wardrobe du jour needs a big fat kick in the pants that I really can't afford right now. I can either save money for my trip to Paris in September or buy pants. You can guess which option I'm going to take but never underestimate the power of impulse buys, materialistic mania and short term gratification. (Oh, and buy the way, I promise you guys the pants I buy WILL NOT be as ugly as thr pictures I've posted.)

Monday, April 03, 2006

L.L. Bean

Even though she never seems to buy a thing from it, my mom receives the L.L. Bean catalogue - the fashion bible of a middle-aged prepster. So I was flipping through it after school today when I discovered something fascinating. Some of the stuff in there isn't all that bad. I could totally get into these pink plaid slip-ons and the polos and cable knit sweaters. It was then when a frightening concept dashed upon my mind. I thought the unthinkable - What if I only wore L.L. Bean clothes for an entire year? To be honest with you I would probably never do it and even if I did it would be many years in the future. I think maybe I'll wait until my 20's to start looking like a middle-aged prep, but until then all I have to say is...I w want those freakin' shoes!