Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Buddhist Louboutin!

I wish...It is my life goal as of now to wear Christian Louboutins to prom next year. This is going to take a lot of money, a lot of practice walking in them and a lot of pain resistance, but I'm totally up to the challenge. Brand names aren't really my thing, but even I bow down to Louboutin. Each time I look at a pair of his shoes I start to get giddy and drool a little...I have a confession to make. The highest heel I can walk in is a 3-inch, so like I said, if I can't find a decent pair of 3-inchers then I'll have to start practicing to walk in them at least a month before! And dancing? That's just another story altogether. I can't even dance in the firlst place and 4-inchers aren't going to improve that situation. You know what they will improve? My height! In 4-inchers, I'm 5"9. 5"9 people, that's model height! Anyways, I need to jump on a trampoline and wipe my mouth off right now. These pictures are starting to have their desired effect on me. I love you, Christian Louboutin! LOVE!

P.S. is my myspace account. Just thought I should let you know.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Grave Robbing

Yesterday I was corpse, I mean closet exhuming and I came across a couple "treasures". On was a pretty coral coloured shirt that was my dads, but he bought it a size too small, so he gave it to my mom and when it got too tight for me mom, It got passed down to me. It's rather long and baggy but it's so soft, and when I wear it I've got the "classy version of MK" look going on. Another was a plaid vest my mom made for me when I was in to the prep-school punk look back in my early high school days. The vest look is "big" or at least was a little while ago, so I might find myself donning it once again. The vest is also too baggy because the pattern was obviously made for those well-endowed, but if you haven't noticed yet, I do like the slouchy look and wear it quite well. Hooray for red plaid vests and coral shirts! I just have to make sure that I don't wear them together.

P.S. In went to H&M in toronto's Eaton Centre and bought 2 camisoles. One is light pink with bright pink polka dots and the other is grungy gray leopard print. Alas, I am in love!

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Fashion Memory

So I was listening to the Dresden Dolls and it made me think of the time last year when my best friend put me in a Dresden Doll-esque outfit (stripes, black, conbat boots and this big star shaped beauty mark on my face) for a photoshoot. It was great fun and while we we walking around downtown some guy in a car shouted "Dyke!" out his window. This made me laugh.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Cheap Chic

Well, I've definitely filled my Witty T-Shirt quotient of the day. It comes from the Mental Floss store. These shirts are adorable and so are the puns. At $14.95 is a particularly good deal for such a good sense of humour. My favourites are the Beethoven and Gregor Mendel one.

This is also a double post. Joe Mimran, the former owner of Club Monaco (and my mom's old boss!) has just launched a line of "Cheap Chic" clothes that are going to be available at Loblaws grocery stores. For being available at the same place where you can buy Kraft Dinner, the stuff is surprisingly nice. It's all kind of plain and tame, but I guess that's the point. I mean, who shops at grocery stores other than moms? The website won't let me rip any pictures so I will leave you with a link for the Joe website. It's definitely worth checking out on your own, even if you are only going to be gawking at the dirt cheap prices.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Ideal Man

...For me at least. This post is barely fashion-related but I really felt like posting it on the internet for all to see. Even if it is unlikely that a single guy will see it and say "Hey, that's me!". Don't tell my boyfriend you read this.

I want him to be very attractive. Floppy hair with a heroin-thin body, minus the heroin. Wears beat up dress shoes with casual outfits. His pants aren't too baggy or too tight. Likes the same music that I do, from the Dandy Warhols and Elliott Smith all the way to The Clash and Adam and the Ants.Doen't mind that I suck at proving my opinions. Finds my numerous flaws quite endearing. Understands Shakespearean prose without any trouble. Is a left-wing artist/writer/musician.random liberal arts talent. APPRECIATES MY STYLE AND ALWAYS COMPLIMENTS ON MY FASHION CHOICES. THIS IS KEY! Respects that I ofen like to be alone. Is not a technology geek - likes things the old fashioned way. Edits my writing, his only criticism being of the constructive kind. Has his own interesting style, which promotes his own flourishing creativity. Introduces me to new and exciting things. Has a much better sense of humour than I do. Buys me cheap trinket when they remind him of me. Thinks I have beautiful hands. Thinks I am graceful and witty, even when I am clumsy and blunt.Brings out my fun side and doesn't want to be philosophical all the time. Does not like anime. owns a pair of plaid pants that were not purchased at American Eagle. Touches my hair and tells me I'm pretty. Likes classical music just as much as he does punk. Hates emo but doesn't flaunt it. Reminds me to clean up after myself. Is probably more intelligent than I am. Doesn't have to be romantic to show that he loves me. Realizes that I am a livinng, breathing work of art. Is a freedom-fighter (possible a card-carrying member of the Green Party). Likes the fact that I write a shallow fashion blog. Critiques other people along with me but still know I am not shallow. Thinks I am tolerably weird. Comprehends my random pop-culture references. Laughs when I pretend I have the ability to rhyme. I feel comfortable singing and playing violin in front of him. Is preferrably clean of all vices.

Entering the Twilight Zone

There's this stereotypical goth girl who goes to my school; spikes, chains, black galore and I simply feel the need to report that she came to school today wearing bright red medical pants and a mens' rainbow coloured button down. Obviously she did it for the shock value, and I have to say it is a rather horrifying sight. I know everyone is going to notice but she's so darned hostile that I doubt anyone has the nerve to mention it. She's probably eat them alive and regurgitate their spine. Because regurgitation is what colour-confused goth chicks do best.

This kind of prompts me to think about Hot Topic. Even though I've never been to one in my life, nor have I ever seen one in Canada - I bet this girl would love to go there. Even though, to quote Matt Skiba, "prepackaged nonconformity" does bother me, I think Hot Topic gets a bad rap. It wouldn't be half as bad if 13 year olds hadn't ruined it by wearing their Hot Topic Ramones shirts. I don't mind a lot of the band shirts and creepy cartoon character things they sell there. In fact, I love cartoon characters even though I have a hard time pulling that kind of thing off. Anyways, all I'm trying to say is that you shouldn't indicriminately hate the place because it sells indicriminately to little posers. It's actually the little posers you should hate indiscriminately.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Why I Hate Margherita Missoni

Why exactly do I hate Margherita Missoni? Because she's not really a person. She's a robotic advertisement for her mom's clothes. She wears Missoni and only Missoni which makes for about the most boring celebrity wardrobe on earth. It's really too bad she only wears Missoni because the clothes aren't even nice. The textiles are way too loud and contrived. They try to be bright and noticeable but all I see is a big smear of ugly all over Margherita's body. And face. Maybe I should feel sorry for her. Maybe her mother forces her to dress like that. That poor little doll Margherita, being forced to wear whatever Mummy wants her to. But the real question is, why the hell would her mother want her to look that terrible?