Friday, June 30, 2006

Ziggy Stardust

I try not to post on music, 'cause I know peoples tastes differ far too much to ever attract a singular audience. Plus, music doesn't really have a place on a fashion blog but I really need something to cure me of my crazy David Bowie obsession. It's getting out of hand - I'm actually starting to find him attractive. Witness him look classy in a white suit! Watch him look silly in a pyjama-like pantsuit! Isn't his red spiky mullet cool? I think my body resembles his a little bit - all boyish and gaunt. I know he's married, but I hope he's open to experimentation. If that doesn't work do you think I could sneak into his house and disguise myself as Iman? I really hope it works. And if it doesn't, I think I'll just have to listen to Suffragette City for days straight, just so I can get my heroin-like Bowie fix. Mmmmm, that feels good.

Guessing Game

Okay guys, can you guess which bag is designer and which is not???

Yep, the first one is Gap for $30 and the second one is Kate Spade, on sale for $133. Look at it - the woven texture, coloured borders and the studded handles just scream "fraternal twins"! Is it just me, or is the Gap bag the nicer of these two creepily similar totes? I saw my friend carrying the Gap one and I actually had to ask her if it was Kate Spade. How silly of me! I should have known she wouldn't spend $133 on a bag she could get for a fraction of the price...

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Terrific Shopping!

Same day, different post! My very good friend Rachael is from Saskatoon. She'll be spending her entire summer there, meaning I won't get to see her all summer, meaning that I am going to dearly miss her, meaning that we HAD to go shopping before she left! So a few friends piled in her aunt's car and took us to the Big Smoke, a rather nasty nickname for Toronto. I can definitely say that it was one of the most satisfying shopping trips I've been on in a while, spending on $60 on 5 things.

1. Grey and black star leggings from H&M. Yes, a silly silly frivolous purchase that I probably won't end up wearing anyways, but I saw them and had to have them. Even though Danielle wouldn't "touch knee-length leggings with a ten foot pole", these are full-length ones reminiscent of an "English Rock Star". Which I have always wanted to be, after all I'm going through a heavy David Bowie/Ziggy Stardust phase right now.
2. A simple white tank from H&M. It was ridiculously cheap, and I figured that with all of the patterned items in my wardrobe, I really need to balance it out with some solid pieces.
3. A tiny McDonald's logo pin with a slash through it. I work there as of now. Big joke, eh?
4. A Boy Scouts shirt with all sorts of cute patches on it. I've been coveting a shirt like this for a couple of years now, and I knew there was no time like the present to buy it. Plus, all my friends said it looked amazing on me, and I;m not one to turn down positive reinforcement.
5. Shoelaces with skulls on them. Yeah, skulls. I guess I haven't completely exited the "wannabe punk rocker" stage of my life, seeing as I actually bought these laces for my combat boots which had a broken lace. I like the laces, I like the skulls and I really entertain myself with some of the ridiculous fashion choices I make...At least I'll never ever look boring!

Final Fashion!

Today I went on quite the excursion to Toronto and met up with wonderful fashion blogger Danielle from the Final Fashion we all know and love. Danielle really reminded me about how truly naive I am and how much there is left to learn in the world. She's so adorable and intelligent and I really felt ike a silly teenager because it reminded me that I'm not always quite as smart as I think I am. (I'm much more of an expressive writer than I am a talker). But that being said, I can barely wait for my future begin because if I'm going to grow up to be as talented and interesting as Danielle is (though in very different ways, I don't plan on going to fashion school after all) then there is just so much to look forward to!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Don't Fail Me Now!

Alright, so I haven't posted a while because of exams, but now that schoolwor isn't bogging me down I'm free to think about more fashion than what is considered healthy. Yesterday was my cousin's wedding. My mother, being a seamstress made the dress. It was a silvery gray confection with a blue waist sash modelled after Queen Elizabeth II's coronation gown. She looked resplendant!

I wore an azure coloured '70's style dress I picked up at Value Village for $3.99, accentuated with pink plastic heart earrings, a bejeweled owl brooch and butterfly slides. Behold the fuzzy pictures of the butterfly slides! Gorgeous, no? They were $16.99 at a little downtown gift shop called Serendipity.

I love any excuse to get dolled up, and nothing feels better than looking cute for a special occasion!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Lazy Days

So now that I'm heavily into exams, I figured I needed some seriously comfortable clothing I can study in. So I zipped my butt down to a discount store and laid a 20 down for a pair of black yoga pants and "Birkenstocks". Yes, you are not imagining things, I actually bought yoga pants and Birks. You know what? I actually like them. I fell almost as if I've completed my duties as a noveau-hippie. I've picked up litter and wrote articles promoting the Green Party, I'm vegetarian and now I own Birkenstocks. It's like another dream actualized. Now that I can study in comfort and peace, I think I'll retreat back to my Zen haven. Wearing yoga pants and Birkenstocks. Together...

(Don't worry, no one's here to witness my fashion crime)

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Mamas, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Wear Flip Flops

There are multiple reasons why I can't stand flip-flops. The first reason is they make a godawful racket whenever someone walks, the next is that people with ugly toes are exposing them to the rest of the world and another is that your feet are filthy after walking in them all day. Witness this picture of Britney and K-Fed. Is it not the epitome of class?
My point exactly. K-Fed may not be breaking the rule of ugly toe exposure with his expertly-worn geisha socks, but him and little miss Britney probably sound like and army of foot soldiers since their both wearing such desirable footwear. Please people, don't show me your feet OR look like K-Fed for that matter. Flip flops are just sloppy, slobby and plain not nice. Just say no. To flip flops.

Disclaimer: I have no problem with other types of sandals, just for the love of God, not flip flops!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

!? :)

Disney Couture. What a disgustingly commercial yet oddly likeable rhapsody. Disney is quite obviously a soulless money-grab where infantile minds dictate whatever horrid blockbuster they decide to spew out next . Though couture might also be money-grab where thin wins and the carbohydrate is an endangered species, but at least it has a brain instead of a soul. Couture is elite and esoteric whereas Disney is accessible atrophy. But since we all know I sold myself to the [devil] I'm allowed to like it. Perhaps because it is mind boggling. Or just a clever marketing trick et up by anyone obsessed with fame. But lets forego the fancy prose and dissect this absurd companionship. I'm not gonna lie. I hate Disney, which is why it pains me to say that I actually like this stuff. The skull mixed with the cute little tinkerbell and the bejeweled bangle hits me where it hurts. It appeals to my fashion sweettooth and glamourlust at the same time! Thank god this wrist adornment is expensive. At $125, It won't be entering my personal jewelery box any time soon!