Monday, July 31, 2006

Blackspot Sneakers

Does anyone else here read Adbusters magazine? I don't buy it regularly because of its doomsday propaganda but I do support the stance of Blackspot sneakers, a shoe "brand" affiliated with the magazine. The Classic blackspots look just like Converse All-Stars without the logo, but my favourite Blackspot is a design cleverly dubbed the "Unswoosher". Besides looking really hardcore, they're quite environmentally-friendly. The picture pretty much says everything you need to know. Made of vegetarian leather, hemp fibres instead of canvas and recycled tires instead of rubber soles, my favourite part of the shoe has to be the red circle in the middle: designed to kick corporate ass. I know this little number is not for everyone, but with it's motto of "Pro-grassroots. Anti-sweatshop. Earth-friendly. Cruelty-free", it probably should be. Best of all, they were designed by John Fluevog, a famous Canadian shoe designer. (His platforms were one of Lady Miss Kier's (of Deee-lite fame) signature shoe).

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Perfect for hiding vampire bites...

Is it any secret that I love Pucci-printed everything? The bright colours mix well with my predominantly black style. Pucci scarves happen to be a particular weakness of mine, but I have always been baffled by the concept of scarves. My #1 concern is: where does one wear a scarf? Ideally I'd like to wear them around my neck, but so many chic ladies I admire look great with scarves on their head. How does that even work? The closest I've come to a head scarf was wearing a bandanna in Grade 7. Perhaps it wasn't the epitome of good taste...My #2 concern is: how does one go about wearing a scarf properly? I hope any reader I can scrounge up will post an answer to that metaphysical (not really) conundrum. I had better know how to wear one properly (around my neck or head) by September so I can blend in with my tasteful French peers in Paris. You see, my mom wears scarves but she always looks a little goofy in them, so I don't plan on asking her advice. I'm hopeless on the scarf topic, my friends - please enlighten me!

Saturday, July 29, 2006

A Clockwork Freakout

I just watched the movie A Clockwork Orange (1971) last night, and I feel the need to commend whoever did this movie's art direction. As for the costumes, the four "droogs" wore all white utilitarian-style outfits with suspenders, black combat boots and black bowler hats. It seemed to make violence quite chic actually. I wish I could pull that look off everyday. As for the movie's females, they all seems to be a wearing a combination of neon-coloured wigs, patent leather or sixties inspired clothing, despite the fact this is supposed to take place in the future. Quite unlike the book (which is a great read) it's filled with nudity, sexual imagery, and random acts of violence which is great for shock value and artistic merit as far as I'm concerned. I really wish I was a character in this story - providing I don't get beaten up or raped by the main character, Alex.

Pretty Pretty Pictures

Kate Moss is painstaking gorgeous, I love her. Hmm, I wonder what she bought at that lingerie shop? took this picture! She is beautiful and so is her artwork.

This Alice in Wonderland is from Disney Couture. I love the book (it's so messed up) so of course I love this shirt.

I found this picture on Face Hunter. This girl has impeccable style, I think I want to be her.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Nylon Who?

With the tragic demise of ELLEgirl magazine, I am currently in the process of searching for a new favourite magazine. Though an I'm an avid Teen Vogue reader it lacks the originality and accesibility of ELLEgirl. No, I'm searching for an alternative sort of publication that can fill the gaping void in my materialistic heart. One issue ago, Nylon magazine might have been the answer. After being quite satisfied with the "Music Issue", I went out and bough the August 2006 "Denim Issue" featuring Ashley Olsen on the cover and thought it could suffice. I was wrong. Maybe it's because I've always been a Mary-Kate girl, but Nylon lacked that ELLEgirl spark I so desperately crave. Nylon may be an intelligent publication with well-written articles, but I am not happy with the articles' subject. After all, nothing is more difficult than appreciating an article when the band/actor in question is an enigma you've never heard of. I gve kudos to Nylon for being that insufferable, hipster kind of cool but it lacks the "dare to be different" flair that I always found in ELLEgirl. Instead of encouraging originality, Nylon simply writes about it. R.I.P.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Cool As Ice

Despite their shameful trendoid appeal, I continue to find myself attracted to the Classic Vans Slip-ons. Their comfy versatility and cute patterns have the unique ability to conform to various styles. Take these "Mary Janes" with the sea creature pattern and pink bows. Even the preppiest girl could rock them with an Abercrombie skirt, but these shoes perpetually seems to find themselves on the feet of screamo-type Gerard-way worshippers. Whichever stereotype you subscribe to (which is neither I hope), why miss out on these adorable shoes?

These black shoes with the skulls on them are so rock 'n' roll it hurts. They kind of make me want to get vomited on to increase punk street-cred. Unfortunately, wearing brand name shoes doesn't increase anyones street0cred and I'll just have to be satisfied with spectacular footwear. If punk street cred isn't really your thing (pansy. just kidding), then there's this cutesy pair of pink penguin shoes to cary you through the day with nary a scratch to your perfect manicure. Alright, so that's definitely not the case - but why not appreciate these slip-ons for what they are - shoes with pink penguins on them!!!!! (Can anyone tell that I like utilizing stereotypes? It's really fun to mock people. Until you get your ass kicked. Unfortunately, being small, I don't stand a chance.)

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Back-To-School 2006

I am (unfortunately) running out of closet space and have decided to cut back on my clothing consumption. My fashion motto is currently "quantity over quality" and I am resolving to change that bit by bit, beginning with my back-to-school shopping list for 2006 - my very last year of high school! The list may seem sparse, but it isn't including any of the fabulous clothing I plan to purchase on my trip to Paris!

1. One classic pair of Gap jeans
2. One quality pair of black pants. Possible Gap as well?
3. 2 pair of androgynous business pants. One in glen plaid and the other pinstripe. DIY!
4. One pair of classic Vans slip-ons. Not checkerboard!
5. (Check!)One pair of sparkly "ruby slippers". DIY! Hopefully I'll post pics soon.
7.(Check!) Metric concert tee
8. David Bowie concert tee.
9.Quilted purse (Optional)

In related news, what the hell happened to ELLEgirl? The new issue was supposed to be out in early July, and alas! Near the beginning of August, this elusive new issue has still not made an appearance on newsstands in my town. Is it a late delivery or has something happened to my beloved favourite magazine? Enlighten me please, I am desperate!

Monday, July 24, 2006

I am really intrigued by Dior's "warrior fembot" look, as I have dubbed it. The dress is such a frothy confection of fabric and looks fit to be worn to the Crillon Ball - then there's this wonky piece of armour on her right arm. It doesn't work, and that's what I love about it. The fashionable dichotomy continues to fascinate me (prep-punk, classy-trashy all in the same outfit) and I can't help but wonder the purpose of the armour. Is she about to go into battle or prom? Or is it a metaphor of the battleground which is high school? Maybe she has flesh eating disease and needs to hide her unsightly arm? Maybe it just has no purpose at all. Either way - I am in love.

Friday, July 21, 2006


Why oh why did I waste my precious time doing quizzes on the internet? Instead of lamenting my decision, I might as well post the results...

Your Style is 1970s

Bell bottoms, platform shoes, wide belts, and tons of polyester.
You've got a bit of that hippie vibe going on, but you're hip enough to pull it off!

You Are A BCBG Black Leather Clutch

You're a modern, urban chick who's more than a little tough
(Well, as tough as you can be while carrying a purse)
Black leather is like your denim - goes good with everything
You'd even wear it to work, if you could get away with it

You are Barefoot!

You're a total free spirit, go with the flow girl
You can't be restricted by shoes for very long
And unsuprisingly, the same goes for men
Your match is out there - and he's as carefree as you are

What Your Black Outfit Means

You're a sophisticated woman with big city taste.
You have a strong creative force - even if you don't wear the boldest clothes.
You tend to intimidate people. But the right guy won't be intimidated by you!
Designer match: Dolce & Gabbana
Signature accessory: Gold framed sunglasses

Your Celebrity Sisters Are Mary-Kate and Ashley

Funky, eccentric, and offbeat
You're not a good girl or a bad girl, just a weird girl

You Know You Suck When...

...You have to rationalize fashion decisions on your blog.
"Why I Bought Skinny Jeans (Even When The Trend Is Almost Over)"
#1. They were $5.
#2. I plan to wear them in the "I'm flaunting the fact that I'm thinner, prettier and able to pull off more daring fashion choices than you, so why don't you just crawl back into your mother and hide there because you'll never be as good as me" way.
So you see? It's practically a political decision we're making here, not a fashion one. Because when a pair of fucking jeans can say something as snarkily eloquent as that, you know they're the right pair of jeans for you...

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Beach Day

All McDonald's employees went to the beach today and had a jolly good time, myself included. Even though my left shoulder is somewhat sunburned, I'm still recovering from an awesome time. After all, I don't think I've gone to any sort of beach in at least 2 years. Perhaps it has something to do with my choice of attire? My old bathing suit was a nasty flourescent blue string bikini with the letter "72" in silver glitter on one breast. Blech! My new bathing suit is rather cute and bears striking resemblance to the one featured below. Even the coulours are exactly the same! The only difference is that my top doesn't have thick halter straps or a weird-looking bow smack dab in the middle. Thank the lord I have a new swimsuit. Let's hope the summer days to come are all as entertaining and filled with cute boys as today was!

I'm considering bidding on this David Bowie shirt on Ebay once my PayPal account gets "verified". I love the comic reminiscent Pop Art style it's designed in. Three cheers for Mr. Bowie!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Double C's of Death!

I really do like many of Chanel's designs, such as her classic quilted bag, but the one thing that keeps me from actually liking Chanel as a design house is: Coco. She was a rampant anti-semitist during World War II and actually had a live-in Nazi boyfriend. I suppose not many people know this, but what baffles me is how fashionista can still name Coco Chanel as their fashion hero when they actually know this. She was a pariah for a while because of this, but it turns out that the Beautiful People have a short memory. Stylish or not, Madamoiselle Coco is not as respectable as her glossy image appears to be. Now that you've heard it from Hipster Musings, there's no pleading ignorance when you don a little black dress. Those double C's almost represent a swastika to me...

Metric Concert!

As promised to some, here is a post on my attendance of the Ottawa Blues Festival featuring Metric, the Fiery Furnaces, Holy Fuck and Wintersleep. Emily Haines, the lead singer of Metric was resplendent in a silver brocade minidress and matching kickass Go-Go boots. Eleanor Friedberger of the Fiery Furnaces was wearing all yellow...Even though she is gorgeous, she doesn't get an A+ for fashion - except in the June/July issue of Nylon for which she does a photoshoot. My out fit is as pictured below. Green short-shorts and a rainbow Einstein wifebeater. The original Einstein shirt has no colour and was size XL, so I jazzed him up and put him on a shirt that actually fits me. Sorry I don't have pictures of Emily or Eleanor. I'll post them if this really cool pot-smoking University student I met there ever sends me pictures...
Here is an article I wrote for my 'zine, "(adventures in) Bitch Club Literati", on the concert.

Put another dime in the concert, baby because my experience at Ottawa Bluesfest proves that both rock 'n' roll and live music are far from dead. For only $30, I got to hear Wintersleep, Holy Fuck, the Fiery Furnaces and Metric play what was probably the best concert of my life. I don't like Wintersleep's music, unshaven appearance or perpetual onstage orgasming, but things started to look up when Holy Fuck took to the stage. And Holy Fuck, who knew lyric-less techno could ever bee so mind blowing? However unfamiliar I was with the Fiery Furnacesm their strange breed of rock 'n' roll certainly won me over, even if the drunk French man trying to mosh uncoordinatedly didn't. Last to play was good ol' Metric. Their raucous and rousing set got everyone moving in true Metric fashion. The sardine-like crowd was almost sweatier than the musicians themselves, while us audience members copied their every quasi-epileptic move. Emily and her crew began the night with their bouncy older hits like Combat Baby and Succexy and progressed through the night to their newer smash hit Monster Hospital, easily the highlight of the entire concert - and maybe even Bluesfest. The ticket price was worth every penny and my exposure to new music was absolutely priceless. Emily Haines is the reigning queen of indie rock. With her unforgettable mixture of style and sex appeal, I predict she will stay there for many years to come.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

...And Your Little Dog Too!

Because of the "sparkly Marc Jacobs pumps" bug that seems to have bitten many a fellow fashion blogger, I seem to be coverting my very own pair of ruby slippers! I'd probably leave off the cheesy looking bow and minicule heel though, turning my version of the slippers into a tasteful ballet flat. Since finding an (inexpensive) pair of red sparkly shoes would be quite a feat, even for a master bargain shopper like me, I'll probably end up buying red paint and sparkles and doing things the DIY way. Three clicks of the heel and hey, maybe I'll win an all-expenses paid trip to Kansas!

Monday, July 10, 2006

I got blogged! Kristopher Dukes on a website I have never even heard of. Is there any greater praise? Read it here.

In related news, does anyone else have an account at ? It's actually quite a cool networking website where you can view the fabulous outfits of other people. My username is violentfemme (yes, I love that band) and the link to my account is here.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Like the White Rabbit

I'm late, I'm late for a very important date! I have been neglecting a post on the highlights of Europe's Fashion Week! Lwt's start with the old standby, Marc Jacobs. I love the silhouette of the grey dress, I do not love the silhouette of the mushroom on top of her head.

Ooooh look, It's Vivienne Westwood! It's soooo shiny. I feel like a magpie everytime I ogle it. This dress also has a great silhouette and I love the model's sunglasses and hair. The matching boots are also a plus. Emilio Pucci, the Peter Pan collar is cool but where is all the colour???
Oh, there it is... Get your freak on Emilio - it's rad!

If history be the inspiration of fashion, read on! Dolce & Gabbana prove that Napoleon and Josephine were more than just a conqueror and his bride, they also make for a mean Fall Collection! Well, there we are. My penchant for all things fashionable has been sufficed for another post. Too bad I'm wearing my pyjamas right now...

Monday, July 03, 2006

Find of the Century

Summer has always been a pivotal time of year for me. It's the time when I go into hibernation and review all of the style choices I have made over the past year and decide on how to improve myself without the influence of any lame peer group. So the story begins here: Yesterday I had a mild breakdown when my computer decided to go on strike and I deemed my life miserable and pointless without internet access. I decided to sulk until happiness came in the form of retail therapy and new hair. I randomly decided to curl my hair and discovered that I looked amazing like that, so I've decided to get a perm before school starts again. The unhealthy high of retail therapy turned into a veritable orgasm when I found a vintage Gucci purse on the thrift store rack for $2.99. To quote ELLEgirl, "perseverance paid off in double G's". Never mind the mothball smell and lack of lining, it's a freakin' Gucci! Now that I actually own a designer bag, I bet memberships to pedigree clubs will just come crawling out of he woodworks! But the day gets even slightly better! I found a really cute pair of shorts at the thrift store - and I haven't worn shorts in about 5 years, excluding gym class. I also went to my town's new Old Navy store and found a great pair of green madras wedge heels for $9.99, and for the record, Old Navy usually sucks. So you know what? Even without internet access (I'm on my aunt's computer right now), life is really looking up!