Sunday, October 29, 2006

Everyone's Space

I know, I know. Myspace is lame, right? But it somehow has this addicting quality and I've managed to become completely hooked. Staring at pictures of complete strangers is a really creepy thing to do, but I enjoy it and often find inspiration in many of the pictures. The emo kids and hipsters are all so pretty and fashionable that I'm almost jealous. Almost, but not quite. Look at these pictures of adorable people! Don't tell them I stole their pictures...

Feel free to add me. Just make sure you have a nice display picture and a literate profile. I have standards!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Lame Excuse For A Post

I'm busy, it's true - but I still appreciate this dress I bought at a market stall in Paris. And yes, without the white shirt underneath it would be rather revealing, to say the least. I miss the world of blogging and will most certainly post something interesting as soon as I get out of Hamlet and into some heels.

Much love, Isabel.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Autumn Blues

The Autumn blues were starting to set in on me, so being inspired by Miss Couture, I decided to go to the local Old Navy an see what was shakin'. I had heard rumours of a mysterious $1 bargain rack somewhere in the store, and though I was unable to accurately locate it - I did pick up some pretty great deals. The onset of Winter calls for black, and this Swiss Dot shirt for $11.99 does the trick. Wow, Old Navy clothing photographs terribly. It looks much sweeter and more antiquated in real life.

I think this chandelier shirt is damn wicked. Fashion is much more fun than interior design, but mixing them together is just one big party. This sheer striped shirt looks particularly disgusting in the photograph. How can this store expect to sell clothing over the internet if it looks this bad? At least I was an in-store sucker for this $10.99 shirt, in black and brown.

I also ended up at a sketchy looking thrift store the next day buying a brown-striped Girl Guides shirt, an Esprit belt, a polka-dotted belt, 2 pair of earrings and this Converse sweater all totaling $5.25. Sometimes the sketchiness is really worth the deals.
Damn, I love shopping!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Jean Paul WTF?

This is Velvet. 'Nuff said, people.
After all of this hoopla over banning skinny models with low BMIs in Spain, Jean Paul Gautier realized that the only natural thing to do would be to put a fat chick on the runway. This is how it turned out... Does anyone honestly think that outlawing thin models on the runway is going to curb all eating disorders? Honestly, this pictures makes me want to have an eating disorder. Not saying there's anything wrong with this woman - I just don't want to watch her parading around in Gaultier underwear. This kind of painful irony just goes to show that "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". There was nothing literally wrong with fashion when twigs ruled the runway, and replacing them with 300 pound models won't solve anorexia.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Jean McQueen

Jeans are a difficult article of clothing to categorize. Trends dictate which ones to wear, but their omnipresence in fashion tends to defy all convention. Then, there;s the search for that perfect pair that never really ends. I've always wondered how designer denim like Rogan, Loomstate or Tsubi would fit my body compared to those of the model whose curves they most often hug. Though I'll never get as close to luxuary denim as I would like to, my search for the perfect pair begins and ends at Gap. Size 0 straight leg are the perfect fit for me. They're sturdy and can camoflauge themselves as a skinny or boot-cut style depending on whatever is fashionable. (Who wants to wear flared jeans now, honestly). I always thought my hips were pretty huge for my body but I guess not, because this straight cut was the only one that didn't give me fabric saddlebags. The straight silhouette is leg-lengthening and flattering on all body types. After all, who doesn't want longer legs? One look at Nadja Auermann and you'll be an Amazonian convert.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Tra La La - Louis!

How does one tell the difference between a real and a fake Louis Vuitton? Case in point, I believe I read in Counterfeit Chic once that about 1% of LV logo bags are authentic, can you believe that? My best friend Shelby bought one (Authenticity Undermined) at her Church Rummage Sale! Though a rummage sale, and a religious one at that seems like a sketchy place to be buying a designer handbag, we must keep in mind that these are seriously rich Koreans unloading their wardrobes for charity. Despite the bag's 25 cent price tag, her mom took home a vintage '80s Christian Dior blazer there too, along with piles of Liz Claiborne, DKNY etc. Is that lucky or what? It sunds like a rummage sale of mythological proportions. An Atlantis-like event, the lost city of damn cheap designer clothes. Shelby is letting me "borrow" this great find until her mom notices it's gone - hopefully I'm invited to a garage sale like this next year. After all, isn't everyone just a luxury bag away from happiness?

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Wow - how come I have just learned about It's pretty fabulous. Actually, most of the stuff inside their 'Designer Store' is absolute junk but the prices are so amazing it's really worth sifting through. Look what you can find! Those Dolce & Gabbana patent platforms are ridiculous! I am definitely coveting them, in a silly sort of way.

And to continue with my love for trompe de l'oeuil, these Just Cavalli tops really caught my eye. I don't have any jewelery this eye-catching. And frankly, who cares if you can just buy a shirt this fun! Footnote: I hate life blogs that lack general topics and weeny emotions attatched to them, but I figured I might as well speak about what happened today with that lovely girl who was so nice as to inter-slander me. I blatantly confronted her when she sat down at the lunch table, much yelling ensued etc. It ended when our argument started into a turf war over our mutual friends... I don't care if she hates me, really - but she did not have to disrespect me, that's when I turn vile. Now, I just have to listen to the wmotion-purging Distillers and I should be over it. Thanks for the support, folks.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Bitchfest 2006

Now, I have never been the nicest girl in the world and can completely understand why a person would choose not to like me. But I cannot comprehend what sort of fool would post things about me on the internet.I wouldn't. I'd hide in a corner and listen to give peace a chance.I actually agree with you on most of your points. However... I think we all have these tendencies. If you look for the bad in people, you'll find it. This was what was written me in a comment response to a Xanga blog. "I think a lot of people that are smart or at least believe they are smart act like this. That is one of the main reasons I can't stand Isabel. She thinks that her behaviour is exceptable because no one will tell her that she is smug. Although I can find no redeemable quailities in her, as where Matt has many charming personality traits." No reedeeming qualities? What? At least I can spell. I believe it is "acceptable" not "exceptable" if you know what I mean. The only relatively mean thing I did to this girl was get defensive when she told me that Queens University sucked. Ugh, why am I even posting this? I'm gonna regret it. In order to purge this negative energy coursing through my veins I felt the overwhelming urge to post great Vivienne Westwood pics from the S/S 07 collection. It's bitchin'. I love the wacky hair colours she uses to make the looks more extreme than usual. Not that the graffiti outfit really needs to be made more obvious. But if I owned that cape, I would wear it everywhere and feel like Little Red Riding Hood's way-alternative cousin. Behold!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

English Connection

My English class has a new student teacher, who is a wee bit cute. Not my type at all, he's too clean and preppy but his name is Mr. Meulemeester. His name made me think of Ann Demeulemeester, which prompted me to check out her S/S 07 collection. It's all black/cream and heavenly androgynous. Just ignore the ankle boots. The trompe de l'oeuil tuxedo vest top is adorable, especially on the greasy-mopped model.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Brian Lichtenberg

Listen closely because you will never hear me say this ever again: Brian Lichtenberg is the new Vivienne Westwood. That's right, this L.A. designer is fabulously amazing and affordable (if you're wealthy). The website is and his myspace is , so you know he's got a good sense of humour. Spread the love like bread and butter, 'cause this boy is gonna be a star.
The Jellyfish Tank. o=
The Kawasaki Ninja Jumper! Aiee!
The White Suspender Tank. Hot.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Fashionably Conscious

Being a global kind of girl, I decided to join the “Model U.N.” where all schools in the district get together and pretend they’re bigshots. Despite my social conscience, it’s more like a desperate attempt to get more extracurriculars on my University transcript (does blogging count as an extracurricular??). When I read through the numerous pages of information something about “dressing formally unless you choose to dress in the traditional attire of the country” jumped out at me. Lucky me, my country is France! I believe the conversation with my mother will go like this: “But mom, I have to wear Dior and Louboutins - it’s France’s national attire!!”. Alright, just kidding. But really, any suggestions as to what I should wear to this two day conference? For the first day I’ve planned to wear black platforms and a low-cut black Zara dress, but what to wear for the 2nd day is a mystery yet to be solved. However I adamantly refuse to don any twin sets or smart suits. Let’s try to dream up an "appropriate" but sexy outfit that people won’t take me seriously in until I start to orate.