Thursday, November 30, 2006


Sometimes ass-kicking items pop up at the most unexpected times. Like this Emanuel Ungaro gold minidress with surrealist lips on it. I'm tired and I want to go to bed, then *bam* out of the blue appears the most perfect dress I have seen in a long time.
I'm bidding on this pair of Doc Martens on Ebay. What girl doesn't need an oil, fat, alkali and petrol proof pair of boots? Perhaps I would wear them with this Ungaro dress for an extra kick in the pants. Wish me luck on the auction, it ends in 6 days and I hope I win. Wow, with the new iPod, digital camera and possible new pair of Doc Martens I seem to be crossing items off my wishlist (see a few posts below) like a madwoman.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Eczema Eyewear

My mother an I are both bespectacled, and needed to get our frames tightened, so we took a downtown venture apres-ecole to Essenzia Eyewear, or "Eczema Eyewear" as my mom so lovingly dubbed it. What began as a simple technical affair turned into more of a complicated love affair. Many people with 20/20 vision don't appreciate glasses, but this place had some of the most original frames I've ever seen. Particularly notable pairs were the Donna Karan black emo frames covered in rhinestones priced at $329 and a frameless Dolce & Gabbana pair with thick white arms for $399. Most designer accessories are frivolous, but frames are a true necessity and will get used every day unlike a scarf or pair of shoes. Both pairs were so beautiful that I wanted to invest $730 on the spot, and perhaps I will when insurance will cover my new prescription next year.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Kennedy Shmennedy

Cory Kennedy is a subject that invokes a lot of mixed feelings on my part. On one hand, she’s quite cute has great hair and a neat hipster fashion sense. But lots of unknown girls are like that too, why should she be special? Because she’s been in a Good Charlotte video? Yeah right. Her blog is just babblings in lower case letters and reads like an advertisement for Nylon Magazine. She deserves her fame as much as Paris Hilton. I’m basically stuck between wanting to be her and hating her for who she is. What should I do?

Friday, November 24, 2006

The Golden Dogs

Has anyone ever heard of the Golden Dogs before? They're a Toronto rock band that's quite good and my school choir had the great opportunity to sing with them in concert. Besides their great music, they also possess great "rock star" style. The drummer was actually wearing a dress shirt that was tucked into his jeans with a tie and fancy shoes topped off with a wicked messy moptop. The female keyboardist had the best style by far, wearing a plain black shift dress, sheer black tights and biker boots. I honestly have a new respect for sheer tights and a rekindled respect for biker boots. I fear my calf-height combat boots are rotting in the back of my closet and are in severe need of daylight. If only I were a musician...

Thursday, November 23, 2006


Ignore my half-closed eyes and pay attention to the fact that I am posing in a picture with Emily Haines. THE gorgeous and talented Emily Haine of Metric, now with her own solo cd. She may or may not be a total cokehead, but she was really quite nice and looked simple and solid in black sunglasses and a pea coat. I went to Toronto on November 22nd and had a lovely time at the Art Gallery of Ontario, Queen St. W. and the Yorkdale Mall. The only thing I bought at the AGO was an overpriced Ansel Adams magnet for my mom, and I can't say Queen St. was much better. Though I adore the stores there, I felt like a tightwad and didn't buy anything except for black leg warmers (for warmth, I swear) and dark gray ribbed tights. There was a pair of creamy metallic flats with nice detail on them that I would've dropped some moolah on if they had actually fit. A nice store clerk complimented me on my Chucks, which are purple and have a strip of rainbow on them.

I still hadn't dropped the miser act at the Yorkdale mall and almost vomited after spending $142.05 on four bloody things at H&M. The four items being: Business-like pants, a fitted black turtleneck, a gray cable knit sweater and gold skull earrings. They're all quite boring pieces more fitting to a secretary's wardrobe than a grungy teenager's, but perhaps some professional class is just what I need. Unfortunately, I was suffocating from the abundance of Gucci in that mall, and since my LeSportsac just couldn't compare, I was too embarrassed to even step in to Holt Renfrew. Maybe next time.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Bad Fashion Sighting #390573183

If fashion is a dream, then this was a grotesque nightmare. I actually had to conceal my fear by laughing out loud at a most inappropriate time. The apocalypse may be nearing. It was a girl wearing a SKIRT over top of STRIPED LEGGINGS that were over top of SWEATPANTS??? How can anyone possible make that mistake, even if you are groggy in the morning. It was striped leggings over gray sweatpants topped off by a black skirt, if I may reiterate that. If anyone reading this ever has the urge to wear that combination, Godspeed you to a mental hospital.

I'm signing off now. The combination was simply too horrific to warrant any more words.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

I Forgot.

I was recently browsing through my Paris pictures and realized that I never posted these two from Louis Vuitton's store on the Champs-Elysees. I guess there's not much to say about them, other than "ignore the fact I'm in the first one. I know how bad I look. Give me a break, I was travelling! And yes, that it leopard print".
Just a bad picture of myself, in a back room full of expensive watches. The metalwork on the walls is magnificent! This coat is positively sumptuous, and I adore it to bits!

It's All Lies

Don't believe a word they say. Dove doesn't want to "redefine beauty", they want to sell products. They think that by putting "real women" in their ads, people will relate to their imperfections and choose their brand over all others. In truth, trying to make "real" people feel better about themselves doesn't mean their product is any more effective. Despite the acceptable values Dove promotes, they're not doing it for the good of society, they're doing it out of a profound love of money. Don't fall for it. ("Real" is in quotation marks because we tend to forget that Size 0 models are people too!)

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Collecting My Thoughts

I am a list-maker. Devoid of all spontaneity, I try to plan thing out (namely, my life) years in advance. Before I go shopping, I always have to have a list of what I want to buy or at least a solid idea. With all of the large life decisions I have to make in the next few months (University etc.), I've made a list of all the big ticket items I'll need within the next few years.

Long-Term Wishlist
1. New iPod. My old one broke and now I can only listen to it on shuffle. I will hopefully buy this before Christmas.

2. Digital camera. I'm sick of not being abke to post pictures of my purchases on here. Hopefully I'll get this for Christmas/Birthday from my parents. (Yes, Christmas and birthday are interlinked. Christmas is on the 25th and my birthday is on the 28th.)

3. New winter coat. Hopefully this will be a Christmas/Birthday present too. My current gold quilted coat doesn't match anything and fails at being classy. The new winter coat will preferrably be a red plaid pea coat, depending on what fabric is available.

4. Prom shoes. Since my mom is making my Prom dress, and I just want it to be a simple white bustier-slip dress (very Narcisco Rodriguez), the shoes will have to be mind-blowing.

5. Designer handbag. Something recognizable, like Gucci or Vuitton. I've been unsatisfied with my multitude of cheap purses as of late and need something with quality, class and trend-transcending style.

6. Laptop. Self-explanatory for University.

7. Doc Martens. I need heavy-hitting shoes to survive in a concrete jungle.

8. American Apparel sweatpants in Gray, Black and Brown. For University studying purposes only. Not to be worn in public.

Short-Term Wishlist

1. Random wardrobe items. I'm going to Toronto twice in the next 2 weeks and should make budget allowances for whatever trinkets I might find.

Otherwise, I will always be on the vigilant lookout for a:

-White Quilted Purse

-Black Quilted Purse

-Fair Isle Sweater

-Flattering black turtleneck. The one I own right now makes me look like a turtle. It's bad.

-Lady Oracle by Margaret Atwood

--Since I have a coupon for $$ off Old Navy I'll buy the quilted clutch and give the bow ballet flats a chance. Perhaps a flattering black turtleneck can be found.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

This is a rebuttal.

This is a rebuttal to a terrible article published in the Toronto Sun yesterday written by Ann Marie McQueen titled "Haute Horrors". The principle point of the article was to comment on how black nail polish, leggings, empire waists and sweaterdresses are unflattering on all women. What is this? Black nail polish isn't unflattering, it's just an acquired taste. Yes, leggings are bad but empire waists are not. According to the article "they make everybody look pregnant". Get a clue, empire waists are meant to hide flaws, not accentuate them. With the weight issues people are having these days wouldn't they just be scrambling to jump on that bandwagon? Sweaterdresses don't seem unflattering to me either, but then again, I'm not 40. Either way, this article calls upon the expert opinions of a 26 year old "fashion-forward Ottawa resident" who wears Crocs and "a 59 year old Edmonton with a quirky fashion sense that has her mixing pricier pieces from Bianca Nygard with Walmart's snappy George line". What the hell kind of fashion experts are these? Fashionable trend-setters do not wear Crocs. Quirky geriatrics wear housedresses and cardigans to feed their 54 cats in. Bianca Nygard, which I'm positive can be purchased at Sears is not pricey and Walmart is not snappy. I'm sick and tired of newspapers trying to be hip with faux-fashion sections, especially if they are as ignorant as this one is. Just leave it to the glossies, folks. At least they can appreciate the frivolity that is fashion as we know it.

Monday, November 06, 2006


I attempted to write this post in the morning during my spare period, but I was yelled at by a testosterone-charged female teacher for not doing curriculum work and I grudgingly succumbed to her bogus authority. So anyways, let's start again.

In reference to the post below: Curse you, Ebay! I ended up losing the auction, of course - and was so sad that I considered bidding on a fake Stam bag but decided against it. A few months ago it was my goal to own a quilted bag and a croc bag, and I finally own both but am very disappointed with the actual results. My quilted purse is black velvet, but the chain strap links don't fit together perfectly anymore. The vintage croc purse is a deep blue colour. I wish it were black and it looks like a garbage bag if you think about it too hard. With University lurking in my future, I realized that I should save my money and just be happy with the bags I've already acquired, despite their flaws. But if I'm still in desperate need of a perfect quilted or croc purse, I might find one when I'm in Toronto on November 22nd. If you see a girl in a gold coat with ratty brown hair running around Queen St. that day, just say hi!

Thursday, November 02, 2006


Everybody celebrate - this is my 100th post! I feel seasoned, like steak. Then again, I'm a vegetarian, perhaps that's a bad thing. The purpose of this post is the mind-blowing bag seen above. I am bidding on this bag on Ebay. This bag is love. The Beatles sang 'Can't Buy Me Love'. They lied.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Trick or Treat!

I may be a day late, but someone had to say it: Hallowe'en rocks. At what other time could one dress up ridiculously and get candy for it? I didn't have a costume this year, which is something I really regret. I thought it was pointless, because I'm too old to Trick-or-Treat anyways. Frankly, if you're old enough to make money to buy candy with, then you're too old to be going to strangers houses asking for it. But I digress, since I am lucky enough to have a seamstress for a mother, my costume has always rocked. I remember my first year ever of going out for Hallowe'en I was the Queen of Hearts, another year I was Iris, Goddess of the Rainbow (that idea came from the movie Fantasia) and another year I was Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. Never will I forget the fabulousity of Iris' crepe paper rainbow-cape and Dorothy's fantastic red sparkly shoes. So let me remind you all, if you ever get a chance to dress like a wacko - take it. No matter how old you are!