Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Thrift Face-off

Belleville vs. Guelph - Round 1

A thrifting rendezvous in Belleville offered up the following items.
1. Gray Cardigan
2. Black Sequin Vest (wonderful, but needs some serious size adjustment)
3. This leopard-print scarf.
Guelph offered up
1. A pair of gently-worn Doc Martens boots (which I've been searching forever for)
2. This grandma-esque knit cardigan
So who wins? It depends on which outfit I wear... I love both cardigans, the leopard scarf is versatile and chic and the Doc Martens cross one item of my 'To Buy' list. Instead of choosing a winner and loser, I conclude that thrifting is awesome no matter where you do it.


Eli said...

ugh, Im so sad I havent been able to thrift in so long! damn stupid work.

Tru said...

love thrifting but I never get to go

Emma said...

whenever i try to thrift i get really frustrated because everybody else unearths fantastic things like that leopard print scarf and i end up with gorgeous powder blue vests from the gap '97 collection. how glamorous. you seem to have a real talent for it though.

marY said...

i think your affinity for doc marten boots has rubbed off on me-- i've started to really like them.