Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Betsey Johnson

Betsey Johnson's new collection is awesome. Her skin is as dry as a pterodactyl in Texas, but the collection was anything but. The collection seems to be based on role play, which the perpetually girlish Betsey appears to have perfected.
I'm pretty sure the French Maid costume is a joke, but it's cute nevertheless.
The white socks and pleated bottom of the skirt are reminiscent of a naughty schoolgirl. Yet the gloves give it a real flapper edge. This dress is so wonderfully simple - I want it!
This time the little girl is dressing up as a professional. It really conjures the image of a three year old in smeared red-lipstick, too-big heels and yards of pearls. The look is classy, but almost too fresh for office-wear. Almost.
I don't think this silver dress is meant to be a costume of sorts. I just wanted to include it in the post because it is wonderful. It's so damned red-carpet, it deserves it's own Oscar for best dress. Do you take paper or plastic, Ms. Johnson?


the lipstick lady said...

i wish they sold betsey johnson in england, I love that french maid outfit- it's s cute!

S. said...

I like how she's got that playful stocking/sock paired with the suit.

Tru said...

like everything except the last dress

Sarah said...

she just has fun with it, and knows what people want

marY said...

i'm pleasantly surprised

L. said...

I love the houndstooth suit. Too bad I have nowhere to wear it. It's delightful.

molly said...

AHHH love the first two.

and im so digging your new header

Emma said...

ah betsey. crazy bitch makes some nice clothing.
nothing like the french-maid-on-hallucinogens look. a classic.
i really do like these clothes though.