Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Don't let Lil Kim inspire you.

I decided today that I positively despise people who tuck their pants into boots. I never sprang for the look myself, but didn't care whether people chose to wear their pants in or out of boots. After seeing 100 too many girls copycatting that look today, it officially died in my eyes. I don't care if they're Uggs or the sleekest leather riding boots on the face of the planet. It's a sucky look. Do you want to look like Lil Kim? No one wants to look like Lil Kim. You might as well be wearing breast pasties. The funeral for Mr. Pants-in-Boots is next week, closed casket. Pay your respects.


Emma said...

ouch.i've been wearing my jeans in boots. and now i'm sad.
oh well. i'll accept the coming-of-age and buy some new flats.

ambika said...

Oh, can I jump on this bandwagon too? As a shortie, I've never sported the look but admired it on those who were able to pull it off when it first appeared. The key word being 'first.' Now I'm just tired of it--often, there's no thought behind it and it's done so sloppily.

Danielle said...

I wear my jeans cuffed and scrunched on top of ny boots. This is because th boots are too tight to stuff jeans into, but too big for the jeans to go over. So the jeans end up being scrunched at my knee.

How does my favourite hipster bitch feel about that?

What bout just wearing shorter pants with boots?

marY said...

i dont get it--what else would you do?
what would be the point of boots if your pants were covering them up? and what would be the point of boots if you were just wearing a skirt/shorts with them?

Sarah said...

I agree! What the most annoying thing about the trend is seeing so many girls doing it here in Orlando. I understand if you live up north, where you have to sludge through snow and slush, but that problem doesn't happen here. You just end up looking like an idiot.