Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I Know You're Reading This!

Hey Shelby - Happy 18th Birthday! I love you! In celebration, I will post pictures of stylish ladies with tattoos, because 18 year olds can get tattoos without parental permission. (10 more months 'til I'm 18 - curse you late birthday!) I know Shelby won't get a tattoo with me, or even approve of me getting one but the opportunity was too good to pass up!

Pictures Courtesy of the Facehunter


the lipstick lady said...

i love the first girl's dress. I'd look moronic with tattoos, I must say, but I still want some. Only 3 more years...

Katie said...

The second picture - oh.my.god, that dress is PERFECT!!!

The girl is just skinny enough so that the hip-emphasizing skirt makes her look womanly instead of Walking Thunder Thighs.