Monday, February 05, 2007


Spring has definitely arrived - in the fashion world, at least. Weather-wise, it is still winter. In fact, there was a snowstorm and I couldn't got to a local concert and my love life is ruined permanently, but that's another story. Anyhow, every wardrobe needs the necessary updating each season. Here are the 3 items I will be purchasing for S/S 07, whether they are "in" or not.

1. Baggy cuffed bermuda shorts. A little bit military, a little bit androgynous. Sooo last season, right? Never. Wearing an old trend with panache will make it look more modern than ever.
2. Metallic Flats. They're the sartorial version of panache, really. Leather confidence.

3. Tuxedo vest. Definitely not this specific vest. I'm looking for a navy pinstripe mans vest that will make my body look like a human ruler or pencil. Or anything flat and straight. This is how much I adore androgyny: if the style rubbed off testosterone on me, I would have a full beard right now. Perhaps even mutton chops.


L. said...

I know what you mean about the vest. There is a picture of Irina Lazareanu in Vogue (AUS) wearing the perfect vest with a white shirt and a tie. I am obsessed with recreating that look. But it's summer here and I keep sweating.

S. said...

3 great picks, I very much agree with your view on #1!

eurobrat said...

Pretty flats. So 60s :)

sara said...

the shorts are cute

kf said...

yes. mutton chops are hot on any girl.


actually, yes, that would be really rad.