Friday, March 23, 2007

Goods for Greens

I may be right-handed, but it's no secret I'm a leftist. (Not a communist, just a hippie). I was on the Green Party website, as usual and clicked the 'Goods for Greens' links to see what I could buy and this is what came up!
This bag is made out of recycled denim. Very cool. It may not be the most fashionable bag, but it sure gets the point across.
I covet this t-shirt. Now that the weather is warm and spring-like, it would be lovely to don this top with dreadlocks, raggedy jean shorts and Birkenstocks. Or not. Wow, that was supposed to be a joke but actually sounds like something I might wear when the heat is getting to me brain, provided I actually had dreadlocks.
This shirt is from Urban Outfitters. I don't really like the shirt, but I love peace. In fact, I hope everyone reading this loves peace. Spread the love.
Another Urban Outfitters. I love the simplicity of this shirt, without any writing to soil it's message. Definitely another shirt to wear with the dreadlocks/jean shorts/Birks. (Haha, I really hope I'm making you squirm right now.)
"Friends don't let friends vote Republican". Cheesy but precious, and oh-so-true.

The moral of the story? Peace, Love and Recycling. But you already knew that.

By the way, honourable mention goes out to the Urban Outfitters tees bearing the messages "Veggies have more fun" and "Everyone love a lesbian".


Emma said...

Friends DON'T let friends vote Republican.
Friends buy friends enormous "Days Until Bush Is Out Of Office" calendars, like the one I just bought my best friend at Urban Outfitters, along with that EXACT recycling tee and some all-natural makeup from Origins.
She's a total leftist hippie.
I'm more leftist than hippie- of course, I love peace, but I'm not kind enough to actually embrace hippie lifestyle wholeheartedly.

missc said...

birkenstocks... cant get enough of them.

Tru said...

the last t-shirt made me laugh

Tru said...

the last t-shirt made me laugh

Carissa said...