Sunday, March 11, 2007


Imitation is the sincerest form of brainlessness. I am having a custom cream lace babydoll dress made for my Prom. Who is touting cream lace babydoll dresses as the cool new thing to wear for Prom? Teen freaking Vogue. Teen Vogue is clearly employing thought police that steal my ideas while I'm sleeping. I've been dreaming of the dress for years now. I'm surprised Teen Vogue took so long to drill that obvious desire out of my head. Soon they'll be publishing the contents of my underwear drawer without my permission. This "Big Brother" is creeping me out. Oh yeah, and if I catch you wearing a cream lace babydoll dress to YOUR Prom, I'm going to punch you out.


marY said...

yess i know exactly what you mean. it kind of irks me whenever i see things i love in teenvogue. it, to be dramatic, takes away the sanctity of the thing-- i want to yell "i liked this first! i don't only like it because it's in teenvogue!"

Katie said...

Bah! That sucks. Yeah, I've decided I'm going to get a red silk dress custom made for next year's semi to stand out from the crowd of H&M's ultimately dull dress selection that the girls at my school will no doubt all choose.

But my mom promised me a designer dress for my prom so I am really, really excited!! (It really is going to be a nightmare actually BUYING a dress, though, since I don't think there's a variety for under $500 and I can see my mom having a heart attack looking at the prices).

Anyway, personalize it and show 'em that you're not just a trend whore. How are you doing your hair?

Model Citzen said...

Well I wouldn't bee too surprised if teen vogue actually read our fashion blogs! Can you post a picture of your creation?

molly said...

im sorry, m'dear, that was me. ive been working for the teen vogue branch of thought police for nearing on a year now.
i had picked up your idea for the prom dress almost immediately, but withheld it until teen vogue paid me handsomely in vinyl.

ill still olsen-twin-party with you...if youll let me.
ill promise not to tell teen vogue which shoes youre wearing.

Joanne said...

Haha, I feel the same way about things - there are a few things I've been rocking for years that showed up in the mags as "the latest and greatest" after I wore them.

I wore a black lace babydoll dress to my prom two years ago, from a little-known vintage store in Reno. A year later I see an article in Jane Magazine about the store, touting it as one of Reno's "best kept secrets"...