Monday, March 19, 2007


Shirking loads of homework is an unpleasant yet frequent activity that I engage in. Tonight it involves Misshapes party photos. I really have to salute the stylish men over at Misshapes NYC. Though men's fashion tends to be banal and trendless, these guys aren't playing by the book (unless it's that Hipster Haiku book we're talking about). With skinny pants and messy hair, I think even the most stylish women at Misshapes could learn a thing or two from these guys.
I really like this guys clever t-shirt, which overshadows the lame white skinny pants. (Who does he think he is? J. L0?) Bonus points for his physical attractiveness.
This guy is probably used to being the most stylish man at the party. The hair is very wrong but the vintage David Bowie shirt, suspenders and bandanna are too cool for freakin' words.
Again with the bandanna and Native American shirt, this guy has flair. I have rocked this scarf-style look before, but I really feel the need to do it much more ofthen thanks to him.
I love the hair and the tastefully accomplished House of Holland tee. The blazer really tomes down the loveable garish factor of the t-shirt. He is also majorly attractive. I really can't wait until I move to the city and begin club-crawling. I should only be so lucky to encounter men as stylish as these.


missc said...

Yes! My entire life is aimed towards going to NYC and living it. The boys are so attractive it almost repulses me.

lindz said...

these guys are almost too fashionable!! I like a guy that doesn't dress this girly!

Emma said...

gotta love the misshapes.