Sunday, March 04, 2007

Spring Shopping!

Ahh, I finally satiated my need for retail therapy.
Value Village finds:
-The forest green Bally boots pictured above. They're rather worn out and need new insoles, but I prefer to call them "pre-loved". After, all who wouldn't love these? They will look wonderful with a gray cable knit sweater, a gold necklace and skinny jeans or with a simple vintage dress.
-Gold vest. The tag says "Jeremy Scott for Braemar Petites" - does that mean it was designed by the Jeremy Scott I am thinking of? I hope so, it's quite cool in an ironic way. I'll post a picture once I've altered it to fit.
-Navy tuxedo vest. Very plain and simple, but will become a new wardrobe staple for me.
-Polka dot lounge pants. They're really really ugly, but I thought they would be fun to wear around the house when no one is watching.
-Grey Jacob Annexe sweatpants. Also not to be worn outside the house.
Grand Total: $33.74
Old Navy "finds":
-Brown pyramid belt with bronze spikes. Earthy-punk, just like me. $3.97
-Bronze studded flats. They're not exactly what I would label "the ideal metallic flat", but I was dying for a pair, any pair and they were only $6.97.
-Chocolate-brown cuffed bermudas.
Finally, I am finished for the season!


Touche19 said...

Value Village = LOVE
cool shoes

Katie said...

Those are great shoes. And such a nice color, too. Good find.

Carissa said...

Love the shoes, they're definetly a stand out item.

Moi said...

I am going to Spain this summer. Do you know anything agout the fashion over there? Email me if you do. Thanks so much

S. said...

That's funny, I saw a few "Jeremy Scott for Braemar Petits" labels during my recent expeditions. Let me know if you find out what it means. All the pieces were cool in the "office lady" kinda way. Not chic, just a little middle aged but, I liked them. Unfortunately they didn't fit right.

Those earrings below are the best.

Model Citzen said...

lucky girl, those green boots would look so hot with grey tights...

L. said...

I love chain store 'finds'. You always feel great for finding such a bargain. The green boots are to die for. Pretty much anything green is.

Jessica Avolio said...

i just bought a jacket with the jeremy scott label and im wondering the same thing! that would be so fantastic.

Manda said...

The boots are gorgeous! Elf shoes!
I found a pair of chocolate brown Bally boots myself in a local Value Village...not sure if they're authentic Bally.
They seem like real, soft leather, but there's no size on them. Bit strange, but they're still lovely.