Thursday, May 17, 2007

Mission Accomplished

I finally had the chance to go to American Apparel with the intention of buying something, and was pleasantly surprised with what I found.I bought this red hoodie, which is soft and warm and wonderful. I think I'm being influenced by my boyfriend's style, so hoodies have become wardroble staples of mine, as of late.
I bought diagonal shirt in purple/cream/navy. It looks like something a hipster boy would wear and fits like I stole it off a hipster boy. But I didn't. I actually paid full price for this unisex tee.
It's still a bit chilly here in Kingston and I only brought one pair of pants (the only other bottoms I brought were bermudas and skirts), so I was reduced to buying these genie pants. They're soft and very comfortable - much more than an impulse buy.
Ahh yes. In true university-style I bought a Queens sweatshirt. Everyone around here is decked out in full Queens uniform. I have opted not to wear it yet - people might mistake me for an unfashionable snob!

Overall, the Journalism course isn't too bad but I have neglected the social aspect of the "camp". I have made a grand total of zero friends (maybe three acquaintances) and miss everyone I left at home. It sounds unnatural but I can't wait to get back to school.


maya said...

AA hoodies are so comfy! i have had my friend's for over 2 months and i'm serioualy planning on stealing it

Tru said...

hoodies = <3

buttonsandstars said...

That t-shirt is WONDERFUL!

Emma said...

yay, queens! aw, you'll make friends soon. how could you not, what with the mixture of your hilariously fashion savvy self and your fab style?