Friday, May 11, 2007

Tourist Central

My dad came back from Florida, and though there was no Proenza Schouler for Target souvenirs to be found, he did get get me some pretty cool t-shirts. (Knowing my father's taste) I was expecting something that said "FLORIDA" is glittery bubble letters, but I was pleasantly surprised.
This t-shirt is silly. Roaring tiger? Silly, and I love it. I'm wearing it now, with red lipstick, a navy pleated school uniform-ish skirt and neat white flats I bought at Value Village. Hipster-centric.
Pirates are also an outdated hipster motif, but I really don't mind. The skull actually changes colour in the sunlight! It's ultimate tourist style, but I adore it. Thanks Dad, and I hope you're feeling better!

P.S.: I am away all next week! I'm competing in the Reach Provincial Tournament on the weekend (hard.core.trivia) and am taking a week long Journalism course at Queens University after that. Expect my blogging skills to improve tenfold after that! So there will be posts next week, but probably sporadic ones. I apologize in advance!

P. P. S: Like my new header? It's a cartoon of me that my friend Rachael drew!


Tru said...

the header is cute and the t-shrits are dorky chic

the lipstick lady said...

haha, i love your header, and the silly t-shirt is definately something I'd wear.
have fun on the course!

Emma said...

ADORE THE HEADER. and the tee is fab, but pirates NEVER GET OLD.

lauren said...

haha the pirate tee is from tarpon springs? that's my hometown! definitely cuter than anything i've ever seen in the touristy shops around here. i better pay them another visit!


ambika said...

Nice choices on the tees. I'd be equally surprised.

Frapp said...

Pirates will never go out of fashion. No matter what anyone says ;)