Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Patrick Robinson for Target

The Patrick Robinson for Target collection has been receiving a lot of hype lately. Looking at the collection, I can really understand why. Besides the Mediterranean hippie vibe it gives off, I was really struck by the recurring "medallion" textile pattern. I'm not exactly sure what the pattern is supposed to be, but it;s pretty cool anyways. I have a Jones New York sweater with the exact same pattern on it that I stole from my mother! Sorry, but the secret had to be revealed. Patrick totally ripped the "medallion" look from my mom.


Lama Drama said...

I was wondering who the next International Target designer was going to be...Patrick Robinson seems pretty cool. How exciting!

Hannah Danger said...

I'm going to ravage that collection as soon as it comes in. I'm already planning on fetching the one-peice swimsuit in that pattern. I'm very, very excited!