Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Wham Bam - Shoes, Ma'am!

Whenever I flip through a magazine there are two pairs of shoes that catch my eye. No, they more than catch my eye. They shock it. Assault my eyes with their breathtaking beauty. The two pairs couldn't be more different but are both beautiful in their own way. A bit like the Montagues and Capulets. "Two households, both alike in dignity..."
These Chloe shoes are ultimate. They manage to blend the gladiator, "biblical" and mary-jane styles in one piece of footwear. (When I say "biblical", I mean they kinda remind me of Jesus sandals). Envision Jesus in a Catholic-school uniform going to fight a lion in the Coliseum?? These Jil Sander heels certainly do not evoke feelings of ancient history/uniform education. That is, unless you consider ancient history who you slept with last week. These heels are hot. I don't even like cut-out platforms, but the sheer hotness of these burns a hole in that opinion. They look like they are six inches tall - even if I could afford these I wouldn't be able to teeter around in them! Since that is the case, they would be refined to being displayed in a cabinet of some sort. That's no problem, it should be obvious they are ART.


Emma said...

Hate to admit, I'm not crazy about the Chloes, but LOVE LOVE LOVE THE JIL SANDER ONES BEYOND WORDS and wish I could wear them to school. Or at all... I'm kind of a spaz. I can't wear heels, I end up falling over myself and spending the day miserable with a pack of ice.

enna said...


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Alexandra said...

Both pairs are fantastic!!! I so want them both!

Dilemma said...

"Envision Jesus in a Catholic-school uniform going to fight a lion in the Coliseum??"

I don't usually say this and mean it, but I laughed out loud. Not just a chuckle, a full blown hysterical laugh at the visual of Jesus in Chloe shoes fighting lions off like a badass gladiator. I love heels like the pair. Marc Jacobs[I believe it was him] made a pair kind of like that in white which I'm absolutely in love with to this day.

Eli said...

I want those chloe multi strap shoes more than any other shoe right now. sigh

carina said...

I looove the chloe shoes!

muze1990 said...

The Chloé sandals are awesome, I have them on my wishlist I just wrote about on my blog!

Candid Cool said...

Those Sanders are WHOA