Saturday, May 05, 2007

White Lacey Undergarment

Oprah was right. Nothing makes a lady feel good like a new bra tat actually fits. Today I went downtown to a specialty lingerie store, none of that LaSenza bull. (I guess LaSenza isn't complete crap, they just don't carry my size: 30A) I felt a little awkward dropping cash on the two bras. I'm only 17 and it seems like only established career women should have the privilege of buying expensive bras. Oh well, It made me happy nonetheless. I would highly recommend getting fitted and finding a bra that is the perfect size, it's a seratonin boost of the most productive kind. Thank you, Oprah!


dusk&summer said...

god bless Oprah lol

Emma said...

Good Lord, I love pretty bras. I just went to Brasmyth and spent money I don't have on some really lovely things, and Oprah is so right.

Alison said...

i dunno why but bra shopping just makes me feel warm and happy inside.
i am a happily totally materialistic person.

sara said...

I totally agree
once you get a bra that actually fits you realize how bad your other ones were
but I really don't like bra shopping

x sara o

molly said...

"sybil" was a book written about a woman with multiple personality disorder, due to abuse from her mother at a young age. it was a true story and the abuse is HORRIFYING, like i almost threw up.

if you go to my blog and search in the top "sybil" i think ive mentioned it before

if youre interested in psychology, i definitely would recommend it

good call on teh semi-paris hilton chick below

the lipstick lady said...

i was surprised to find that LaSenza was stocking my 32A size after years of me actually longing to have bras from there (i felt as if it was some kind of club that I wasn't invited to...), but once I tried it on... I realised there must have been some kind of labelling error.

Tru said...

that is soo true